Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fashionhooks & I-Babydoll November Sales Event

Hello everyone! It's been quite some time since I've last blogged and yah, finally managed to get some time out from that stressful period of A Levels -.-

So anyway, two days back I went to this Sales Event by Fashionhooks and I-Babydoll introduced by Rachell aka pxdkitty! Go read her blog HERE! I went along to this event with Lervon! We both were discussing how awkward it will be for the both of us to be present at a girls'sales! HAHA, but we very thick skin so we just go :p

So we arrived at the far away land of Chu Chu Kang, which seems so far away from the both of us HAHA. And WOW! There was tons of stuffs on sales! Here are some of the stuffs:

Japanese makeup such as CandyDoll and Dollywink (liimited edition hor!)!
TONS OF COLORED CONTACT LENS!!!! I bought a pair of blue ones ^^
Look at how amazed the cute and pretty Kiyomi is! HAHA! (Read her blog HERE!)
The connector rings which girls love! And now it's a fashion trend among guys too!

Irresistable plushies!!! HAHA! Got all time favourite, Rilakkuma also hor!

And the two pretty girls I have to thanks for making the event known to me!

So, basically like I said, awkward to be in the house initially. Cos all GIRLS leh! Then suddenly 2 guys popped up! And guess what? I was shopping for GIRLS' APPARELS lorh! Why I do so?! For giveaway la! HAHA!

Honestly, the clothings there are very nice and affordable! So, why not take this chance to treat you all readers nice nice leh? HAHA! Then some of you guys, like literally guys, might think I wanna treat girls nice only right? NO LO! I also got bought stuffs for guys hor! HAHA!

But, I am not gonna tell you all what are included in my giveaway :p So just stay tuned and look out for the notice on my Twitter! LATEST by next Tuesday! So do help to RT and share among your friends hor!

This is evidence of my working very hard trying to find suitable stuffs for you all!

And such coincidence, never did we expect us to find the long lost twin sister of Lervon!! It's been like 16 years of his life, finally he managed to find his sister!!!! Rachell and I were so touched la :'(

The scene where both of them run towards each other and said "I finally found you! I've been searching so long for you!" OMG, damn touching! *blow mucus onto hankerchief*

LOL! Okay...I exaggerated, but the both of them do look alike lorh! It was Rachell who noticed it first! HAHA! And I was like "YA HOR!" So......we asked them to take twin photos ^^

Twins twisting ^^

And Rachell said that the both of the, are just like Little Twin Stars! HAHA! So funny!

And they bully me lorh! Ask me take photo with the LTS (Little Twin Stars), but I cannot have the same pose as them :'( Got ostracized....eeeyer! I call school counsellor counsel me liao la! WUAHAHAHA!

I looked so out of place! HAH

And below are some group photos of us, don't judge us hor! Also can la, say we chio, handsome, pretty or irresistible also can la :p Hee hee! 


And...if you see the following few people, please avoid any contact with them and make a police report asap! HAHA joking! But it's damn funny!!!!

Rachell asked us to take photo with one of our legs up on the sofa! HAHA!
As quoted by Rachell (from left to right): Lao Lian, Xiao Lain, Xiao Beng & Guai Lan Beng!

HAHA! But seriously, which part of Rachell will make you think she is LAO lian?!

TSKTSK. HAHA! Okay, I really loved the experience because we 4 are like some family, keep talking and ranting away! Best thing is, we always talked on Twitter, but this is our official FIRST meeting! HAHA. But I like the girls' friendliness and all! Definitely gonna meet them more ^^

So I was talking about my giveaway just now, and you must be wondering what are the items available eh? So I will just list some down: DollyWink Limited Edition makeup, apparels, colored contact lens and some plushies!

What's more?! It's gonna be the Christmas Season soon! So, I might also have another upcoming giveaway after this coming one, specially for Christmas! Hope I can drag Kiyomi and Rachell and Lervon to be part of it ^^ Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle long long way~

So do support alright by then! No biasness will be shown because I'm using a random generator! So do try your luck! Opened to ALL! Shall end of this post with a photo of the giveaway! See you all soon!

*Credits to pxdkitty for the events' and group photos!

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