Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Red House Seafood!

I am back here to make you all drool!!!! HAHA! So few weeks back, or maybe a month ago, thanks to ClicknetworkTV, Kaykay and Paul, I managed to win myself a $100 Red House Seafood Voucher! So I brought my parents a long with me to go try out the yummy seadfood there!

I heard that the black pepper crab there is like the best man! So was rather excited to try out! AND this is NOT a sponsored review ok? I just wanna make you all drool. That's all! HAHA!

I kinda like the environment. Kinda relaxing and we get to taste yummy food!

So we ordered quite a number of dishes, like I said the black pepper crab is like a MUST. So, that definitely was one of our orders. And I always like to have some vegetables in my meal so I ordered my all time favorite, broccoli with garlic! Simple dish yet it smells heavenly and tastes like heaven too!

And my dad asked me to order some prawns too ^^ So again, we ordered steam prawns with garlic! Hee hee! You can actually say that I am a lover of garlic, especially when it is used to prepare steamed food!

Looks yummy and green right the broccoli! I swear I can drool like mad now as I blog this!

The main star of the night: BLACK PEPPER CRAB!!!

You know like normally right, black pepper crabs tend to be very dry? But I find this dish not dry, yet the spicyness and shiokness of the black pepper is there! And no wonder it is being known for it's black pepper crabs! You guys should really try it out man!

I actually find these prawns to be cute as they stare at my camera! HAHA!

And of course what's a meal without desserts to finish it off?! And here are three different desserts I tried!

This is the refreshing mango sago with pomelo! Sour and sweet at the same time! Yummy!

This dessert is rather interesting! Its pulau hitam, with coconut ice cream! Yummy! Interesting way of presenting the dish!

And this is the last one which is Yam Paste! It's a hot dessert and I dont actually find it to be very sweet!
So I highly recommend this too!

So that kinda sums up my visit to Red House Seafood Restaurant! And the totaly bill for all the above dishes sums up to only $149 without using the voucher! So, it's actually quite worth it lorh! Like $149 for all the above, with crab, prawns and all!

Some of you might say normal Tsi Char also can eat the same things but much cheaper. Yes, but the quality is REALLY different especially the black pepper crab! Do head down with you love ones there now!

The address for the restaurant is as follow, enjoy!

#01-14 The Quayside

60 Robertson Quay
Singapore 238 252
Tel: +65 6735 7666
Fax: +65 67352298

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