Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Hi everyone! I've been kinda slacking away from Blogging, not that I chose to do so but it's just circumstances that don't allow me to do so. If you are following me on Twitter you will actually see me keep complaining about A Levels and how stress I am etc.

Just look at the amount of lecture notes that I've to go through and study for my A Levels! Seriously don't get it how those people actually manage to score all As...It's just so impossible when it happens to me! But I've already walked to this stage what else can I do but to try my best am I right?

Next Tuesday will be the start of my battle against A Level and I can seriously tell you all with an honest heart that I don't think that I will be able to make it...I will be sure to flunk it badly. Like real badly. Trust me on that... Not that I want to...I really hope that I am able to get into SMU...Just that will do.

Seriously, need some faith and hope. And it will start from me!

So that day I went out with Calvin to catch a movie at Plaza Sing, and we watched Real Steel. It kinda made me relaxed for that night, while I was away from my books and all. After movie, we went to dine at ASTONS. This ASTONS is different from the other outlets because this outlet specialised in steaks and it's menu is kinda limited to some extent. But I love the taste of the food!!! Yummy!!!

So glad that they actually served the IBC Rootbeer there! The first time I tasted it was in Marche, haha! (Oh ya! I am not advertising for ASTONS arh!)

I ordered this beer battered fish!!! And surprisingly, it was a very big portion!!! And it costs only like $14.90 for the dish above!!! Worth it max! AND it taste yummy ^^And the fish is very thick slice too!! TOTALLY WORTH THE PRICE!

And this is Calvin's spaghetti and it's also another worth it dish!!! Inside in there are scallops and prawns. Trust me, the scallops are yummy and chewy!! HAHA! And the spaghetti tasted nice as well!

So, I felt kinda relaxed for being out of my house for a short movie and a meal. But now I'm back to reality. A lot of dramas have been going on in my life and I think it's due to my very own actions. There is a need and demand for me to start growing up and all... No more time to waste on other things.

There are far too many much more important things in my life. This last lap, be it I make it or break it, my life still goes on. Gonna hold with no regrets even if I flunk. Sorry for such emotional post after so long of my blogging...but this is what a blog should be right? Writing our true feelings out...

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  1. Hi :) Good luck for your A levels, I'm sure you're able to make it to a local Uni. Mug more these couple of weeks and don't tweet so much :P

    Your lil fan :D