Monday, November 28, 2011

♥♥♥ Style Yourself With Vervainity ♥♥♥


Hello everyone! Today I am going to introduce to you people a new blogshop!!! I was quite surprised actually when I was approached by them haha! So I am going to show you girls some of the items that are very attractive, even to a guy like me! And personally, I feel that girls who carry them will be damn chio!

Here we go! I'm gonna show you some affordable fashion which ALL of us, including students can afford!

The very first item which caught my attention will be this Vintage Brown Sling Bag!!!

I find this bag to be very practical as it's simple designed and brings out the maturity within a growing lady like you pretty girls! What's more? I think that the storage space is big enough for you all to place your makeup pouch, camera, wallets and many more!

GREAT FOR SHOPPING! Especially if you wanna have big buy! HAHA!

Price: $20.90

How about a night's out with your boyfriend? Or a wedding dinner? The one above is just the right bag for you girls! Just look at the design, basically I think it looks very Victoria Secret? At least in my own opinion! You can bring it out for normal outings as well! There are also 5 available colors for you girls to choose from!

Price: $29.90 ONLY!
Colors available: Brown, Black, Grey, Dark Pink and Nude Pink

As now we are approaching the winter season, fur products are the nice accessories to go along with our dressing! Elegant yet practical, that's worth the buy! And I think that girls will be quite attractive taking this bag!!!! AND if you were to look carefully, the straps of the bag is actually like small metal rings linked together?


Price: $19.90
Colors available: Brown, Black, Khaki

Going for the sweet look? How about a straw basket designed bag with black flowery laces to enhanced the overall appeal? Personally I think it's very sweet looking yet not overdoing it! So it is suitable for almost all the pretty growing young ladies out there!

I think it will look great for school as well! HAHA!
It can be yours today at an amazingly affordable price!

Price: $20.90

Don't the clutch look very familiar in the above photo?!

YES! It's like an Alexander McQueen Inspired Clutch! I've seen many people carry this around before! And it looks very very chio! LOVE IT! Hahah even a guy finds it attractive! I actually feel like getting one because of the skull designs! But too bad..only for girls! HAHA!

So the real deal might be very very expensive for us teenagers to afford. But no worries, here is an inspired one, which is a great deal that you people can catch! Now, you can look high class and attend many functions or event with this attractive clutch!

You can now get it at ONLY $20.90! GO GET YOURS NOW!


Each piece is very unique and it comes with a wide range designs and variety as well!
Price ranges from $2-$4 each MAILED!



Not forgetting that Christmas is coming like real soon!!! Everyone is excited and hyped about the occasion!
I bet that some of you, especially the girls, you will be baking some nice cookies your love ones around you!

So normal cookies are all CIRCULAR in shape! Though we still place it in our mouth, but for such interesting festival, we have to make it look much more appealing compared to before. Image is what matters right? LOL!

Check out some of the cute cookie cutters they have!

Christmas designed cookie cutter! 
PRICE: ONLY $12.90
Hello Kitty lovers?! Imagining one whole plate of HELLO KITTY cookies in front of you!
PRICE: $9.90
More girly designs for you people? How about Melody?! HAHA!
PRICE: $9.90

These are some of the products which I find to be appealing! So I do hope that you people can actually support this new BlogShop because I definitely love to support local entrepreneurs! I mean, blogshops are business also right? HAHA!

Do give them your support! AND you can now actually quote BENVODA, when purchasing the items and you will actually get FREE NORMAL POSTAGE! So go grab some of your favorite items NOW


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