Monday, November 28, 2011

Wine & Restaurants Experience

I was asked by Calvin to go to this food tasting session with him at Sentosa few weeks back! And yesterday I went to the event! At first I thought it was a food tasting session in one restaurant as per normal, but I was proven wrong to the max when I was at the location!

There were like 30 over tables being set up, with 20 over top rated restaurants, preparing different delicacies for us! The food actually ranges from Swedish food, to Indian food and to Chinese food as well! That's how major the event was!

So the event was called Wine & Restaurants Experience!
The official website is here:

So here's what I experienced!

Take a look at the whole setting!!!!!

The food are really fantastic, and I don't really remember the names of each dish so I only post up the pictures, so hope you all don't mind! HAHA!


Cute presentation of the food! And inside actually contains like truffles? But I think it's a bit strong the truffles. LOL.

This is actually like a snack that goes along with beer! It's a bit salty, so its quite addictive ^^

Although I don't eat abalone, but this dish of a mix of abalone with chicken tasted great to the taste bud!

Crab meat (as in real crabs not the strips of crab meat) stuffings in crab's shell! Yums!

HAHA! My favorite poached eggs!!!!!!! This is simple and nice! Yums yums!!! Though it looked like half boiled eggs, haha!

Remember this egg near the start of the post? This is how it is being served to us! Cute eh?! HAHA!

This is actually the Vietnamese Beed Kuay Teow! Nice soup base I must say! And not forgetting the tender beef!

And of course! What's a meal without desserts to complete it?! So I was enjoying myself like a boss and ordered a cup of hot latte! So nice lorh the heart shape! I know I also can do it one ^^ (Buay Hiao Bai max!) HAHA!

Yummy yummy sugar coated dessert ^^

My overall dessert plattie :p HAHAHA! Glutton max!

I seriously got to thanks Calvin for bringing me along because it's seriously amajor exposure for me. I mean I've went to many food tastings before, but this is definitely the MOST MAJOR one that I've attended. And what's more? Not only bloggers like us are present, major businessmen and businesswomen are there too!

From banks, to hotel management profiled people! And we were like sitting on the same table with them, chatting away and having food! That's how major the event was. And I was glad that I was able to have a conversation with this friendly caucasian lady sitting beside me! And she was so friendly that she told us she will visit our blogs as we exchanged out namecards! HAHA!

I'm definitely loving the whole session. And I hope that you guys will droool over the yummylicious photos HAHA! I very mean right? ALWAYS make you all drool at this timing! Hee hee!

Thanks for spending time drooling in front of your comp while reading this! See you all soon! And I very productive these few days right? Keep blogging! HAHA!

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  1. and my stomach began to growl so fiercely. LOL