Saturday, December 24, 2011

♥♥♥ Had My Share Of Fun At GaGaFlea ♥♥♥

Yesterday was the GaGaFlea through the collaboration of both Fashionhooks as well as The Black Secret! It was quite a success I must say! And I would like to thanks, on their behalf, for those who made an effort to visit the flea! Not to forget those who went to Bali Lane today as well ^^

So I am just gonna blog about yesterday, nothing much in particular, just photos. HAHA.

Lervonn and Jody met up with me, and I took like 1 hour to prepare (not very long la hor?) and we bus-ed down to Cynthia's house!

I took the above photo on the bus and took one using my phone too to update on Twitter. Many people commented say macham like a Korean Star. OMG, as happy as I am, I don't wanna get additional hates. HAHA, but keep it coming :p

Do I look good in blonde or not? Cos apparently someone (quite important person) told me I don't look good in it :(

And this is the beautiful and cheerful Jody! She whole day debate with us say she not pretty. But don't care we all think she pretty HAHA! And we got take photos together on bus also. But she keep saying she hate taking photo beside me cos she will look ugly -___- SO I never post haha!

Actually the trip wasn't very long la, but Lervonn and I fell asleep like two pigs haha! And soon enough we reached Cynthia's house!

Jody playing with my camera the whole time. Hee hee!

Jody bought a pair of lens from I-BabyDoll! It's actually the violet Hello Kitty designed contact lens! But guess what?! Jody HATES Hello Kitty! But no choice, the color of the pair she got was the chio-est of them all! HAHA!

Looks very nice right?!

And the boys and girls stated to camwhore using my camera. HAHA! As usual when a bunch of bloggers get together!

That's the cute and handsome Javier with Jody! Read his blog HERE!

Javier with the cute couple, Jody and Lervonn!

Photo of the couple and I. I looked damn cui cos it was raining and I'm damn tired. HAHA.

This is like the Lervonn signature photo taking pose! HAHA! I swear always same one. LOL.

Okay you see the ring above right? Lervonn got the ring from Cynthia at first. Then the first one he took, the cross actually dropped off and this was what he told Cynthia "Hey Cynthia! My Jesus dropped of!!!!"

Like WTF?! That's a cross and NOT Jesus! LOL! Jody and I laughed like mad! 

How can you girls actually resist such a cutie right? LOL!

And I am gonna introduce to you people this very elegant and petite, yet beautiful to the max Female Blogger, Berlin aka @huixuanxuan on Twitter!!! Do follow her on Twitter and read her blog HERE too ^^

Look at those mesmerizing eyes!!! AWWWWWW~
Okay so she was very nice because she saw me Tweeted about my non-matching eyebrows with my hair. So she actually offered to help me dye it during the flea event itself! So nice of her right?!

This is my eyebrows in the process of bleacing my eyebrows! Sadly, it will only lasts for two weeks hee hee.

They say I macham like La Bi Xiao Xin HAHA!

So many people are amazed at how my eyebrows are undergoing bleaching LOL.

And this is how slightly matching my eyebrows and my hair is after the bleaching! Doesn't look as bad than before already right? HAHA!

Below are more photos of the beautiful and helpful lady! Enjoy people ^^

Happy Die Me! I am actually sitting beside her an taking photos with her :p Not one but a lot hor! And we were trying out with the different effects of my camera!

Of course I cannot forget all the funny and interactive friends I've made on Twitter! Yes! All of them, I actually know them through Twitter and my blog! So nice of these people who add colors to my life, other than my family and You-Know-Who! LOL!

I do not know how to end this posts because I didn't show anything about the flea at all actually HAHA! But oh well, I had my share of fun there! Hope to see you girls soon in other flea or other events!

Ending off with a random photo of me acting retarded/cute :D 

♥♥♥ MUACKS♥♥♥