Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Hair Color!

FINALLY back with an update on this blog! Many of you have been asking me to update my blog whenever I TinyChat with you guys! Very glad that there are actually people who check my blog like every single day and remind me to blog! 

Very sorry that you all have to wait for so long! So here I am gonna update on you guys on the things that I've been doing! I've recently dyed my hair, which I assumed that you guys should know, since most of you follow me on Twitter ^^

So I went with my aunt for my second visit to the salon since the first bleach wasn't that ideal. 

A photo of my aunt doing hair treatment!

I actually chose light blonde! This is my FIRST time dying so I was quite excited about it! The first dye turned out a bit orange despite dyeing it for like 2 times. So the second trip I actually hoped that the color will turn out to be lighter. 

Coloring in process! Hee hee!

So after washing off the dye after half an hour, this is the result....

To be honest, I was damn shock cos it was orange when I entered the salon, and after washing, it is still orang -__- Seriously I was damn gan jiong (anxious) by then! I didn't go for the second trip to get back the same color!
But luckily after drying my wet hair it turned out to be so!

I am seriously mad happy! And my hair wasn't very dry at all despite the fact that it was bleached and underwent so much of chemical contact! Do you all love my new hair color? And too bad I couldn't bleach my eyebrows because my mum don't allow and some think that it's unlucky, so it's still black. HAHA.

After our hair salon visit, we went off to have some dessert before going back home at Bedok Point!

This plate of wanton mee is yummy!

With my cousin, we are seriously like mad crazy, with 2 camwhores in the house! HAHA! So definitely, camwhore photos of us! Totally LOVE AND ADORE my hair color in these photos, with the exceptionally good lighting!

OMG, don't remind me of me looking like someone in this photo!

Love this photo so much that it is now my Twitter DP!

Then we left Bedok Point and wanted to go Shop & Save for some grocery shopping! And we came across this Taiwan snack shop! HAHA! Fried mushroom an fried sotong ring!!!

Ok, I know that it;s a fatdieme kinda thing after consuming it but come on! Can you resist those stuffs?! HAHA! Make you all drool again ok? Hee hee!

Okay a damn abrupt ending but do lookout and checkout my blog for more updates ok? I really do wish to blog more before I enter the army! Till then it's really months of no updates cos of Tekong training! 

Till then! Love you people who always support me and all! And for haters, I don't really bother to entertain your comments anymore because I rather spend time on family, friends and my supporters. You all can go f**k your own life. 

Love to all ^^

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  1. looks lovely hun :)

    merry christmas haha x