Thursday, December 22, 2011

Simple Things Of My Life Now

My day started off with going back down to Temasek Sec to help out with my CCA, SJAB. Competition is nearing for them so I just wanna head down to help them,help the corp and help to maintain our glory that have been fought so hard for, for years! 

So currently every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I am down for training with the cadets! Today I left slightly earlier to have lunch with mummy before going for my work ^^ Went to town to pass the giveaway to one reader, and lunch automatically will be CoCoIchibanya because I have vouchers :p

Mummy has been rather stress with her work because it's year end, so she has to like close all the orders for her company and stuff. So it's kinda good for her to come out and relax, so I decided to accompany her! 

I just love their curry rice with the omelet! Tasted milky and thick in texture! YUMS!

By the time we finished lunch it was already like 4+ (I seriously wonder why it took so long -.-) but I realised the service was very slow today. Exceptionally slow. 

Cabbed to work after that after walking around with mummy! It's really miserable to be broke. Everything I love or like, I just cannot buy. I actually keep persuading myself to abstain from them, haha! I thought I lost my EZ-Link card when we reached the MRT Station but I cannot find it!

Went back to OG and luckily it was found and passed to the customer service! Bless the person who found and return it! Cos I just top up $10 yesterday! 

Let me show you the babies that I've taken care of and taught for a year!
(WARNING: Cuteness Overwhelmed)

Evan! The Korean Look alike boy and the eldest of the triplet!

Sasha! The youngest of the triplet and she's so pretty!

Sadly, the second of the triple is not there because he suffered from allergy due to the construction in his house! Poor boy! And he looks like a Caucasian! All 3 of them look so different and foreign, yet they are PURE SINGAPOREAN and TRIPLETS! 

Handsome Boy, Christopher! Even the name also very atas! HAHA! He's VERY smart!

Shayna! The most playful out of them all! She can run around the whole learning centre and make lots of noise!

Because that day there is baking classes, which taught young kids how to bake cookies, make chocolates and many other stuffs too! So the receptionist brought in some for the kids to nom on! HAHA! Got me drooled over too! 


So I actually used the treats to make them do faster! HAHA! If not they always will talk one, so as to catch my attention! HEE HEE! Seriously, I never remember me wanting to catch teacher's attention so much when I was their age lo. LOL. Now more AA!

Look at this girl eat till her whole mouth full of chocolate! HAHA!

And the photos below are my loves from another class!

ZeClive! What a unique name la! Benjamin like all the streets also have -___-"

Cute and smartass Davin!

Adorable and very pretty right? She is Natasha ^^

Playful Javier Wong!

Last but not least, JOHN!!

Yah they are all my loves that I've been teaching for a year! ONE YEAR LEH!
It's not a very short period, not very long too, but the bond that we share is like so precious that I seriously cannot bear to leave them!!! 

Next year February will be my last month teaching them! Seriously, I think I will cry! AND these are not all of them! There are more! So....I really will cry. It's like kids are very innocent beings and being around with them, I feel so comfortable and I do not need to have any guard against them.

Well, at least I spent my one year through all odds of A Levels with them all by my side! Kids, this is a blogpost for you all! I will compile all photos of EVERYONE and post another one!

Treasure your love ones. Treasure those beside you. Muacks to all!

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