Friday, December 9, 2011

What I've Been Up To~

Okok, I know that I have not been updating my blog recently. And some of you readers are so cute when I meet up with you all to pass you all the giveaway prizes! You all were like telling me "Update your blog more leh! If not I nothing to read very bored!" and this girl called @CheriesBoomz even told me "I love reading your blog."

I swear I was damn shy and blushing away. HAHA!

So this post is just random post to make my blog more lively! If you've been following me on Twitter, you would've known that I've been atending a camp by my secondary school CCA and helping out as a facilitator. That took up like 5 days last week and this week from Monday to Thursday, I've been working and running errands and going prom etc.

Aiya, in simpler term I've been FREAKING BUSY! I will DEFINITELY try to find time to blog more ok? PROMISE. Also, I am currently working out on the new design for my blog! SO, I guess that is something for you all to look forward to right? Hee hee.

So here is what I've ate like some time back before I go to my camp ^^

I went out with my friends back then and we ate Ajisen!!! Yums yums! Been so long since I've last eaten Ajisen! Hee hee :p Er....I don't know the name of the food okay? So just wanna make you all hungry or fungry only (as usual though...hee hee)!

Also, slightly before I went to attend the camp, I went to eat with a friend after watching "Already Famous"! That is a very nice show, and hilarious too! Everyone should go watch it okay?! Pure Beauty~ HAHA!

After the movie, we went to Hong Kong Cafe for supper. Yummy!! I LOVE Hong Kong Cafes!!! All the nice food, and also the Iced Yuan Yang! Who wanna treat me to HK Cafe for some afternoon chilling? I'm shameless for the food okie? LOL.

Surprisingly the fish & chips are good for a non-western based restaurant!

And this is mine! Ya I know although its like only maggie mee, it tasted freakinglicious with the meat cubes!

I guess I have nothing much to blog about already. Because I've not been going to events etc. HAHA. Also, my prom just ended and sadly, right BEFORE I walked into ballroom, my camera dropped and it's spoilt now. Like seriously?! How unlucky can I get....So I don't really have any photos to blog about proms :(

Well well, guess it's the atmosphere and the whole experience that matters and I enjoyed much!

That's all for now people! Gonna be a MUCH better post for the next one ^^ Bye!

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  1. Update your blog!! Not with so much food please I read your blog from my iPhone before I sleep so dun make me hungry ley. :(
    Anyway hor update ley!!! Been coming back daily still this post!!!!