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The Amazing People Who Entered My Life

Er everyone is like blogging or has already blogged about how their 2011 has went. And I obviously don't want to be the only one left out so here I am blogging EARLY in the morning like 6am about my year. No worries, I am NOT gonna go through my one whole year but only like the last quarter or my year, where I am like very vulnerable.

But at this point of time, not only do I have the support of my friends in blogging that I've known for like 1 year plus or so, I have also made some new friends! And I do appreciate them! I am NOT gonna mention all of them, not because some of them are like insignificant (maybe I've forgotten, oops) but some are just not so convenient for me to blog about. So ya.

Here we go.

The dude above is no longer a stranger (actually most of them here are not), on my blog. He is non other than LERVONN! It's kinda funny how he actually started to be like my follower on Twitter, and then poof! Now he is like a brother to me, we talked practically about EVERYTHING under the sun! And I can really teased him anything, anywhere and he won't get mad!

That's real true friend. And I think the both of us went through a lot together as buddies. Obviously, we both are very close. And although he's younger than me, I actually think that sometimes his thoughts are MUCH MORE profound and mature than mine... Think sometimes, wisdom does not come with age...

Anyway bro, thanks for being part of my childish and rather messed up life! BROS FOREVER!

Next is JODY! And she is Lervonn's girlfriend! I only got to know her around November during my A Levels period. Yes, we might not know each other very long. We might not understand each other a lot yet. BUT, what  we have is the friendship which was formed through time. Now we talked to each other as though we known each other for a long time. We joked with each other about everything, yet we feel very comfortable with it.

I totally love it whenever the both of us come up with some cranky ideas or when we joke about Lervon's Wo Mei and Nana! LOL XD Damn funny. Thanks Jody for coming into my year and being a close friend now! Thanks a lot!

Aiyoyo, I bet more than half of you here knows who she is. She is the beautiful and friendly, Rachell aka Pxdkitty! Erm...I am the follower of hers this time round, HAHA! And I must say that I do support her some time way back then and only during last year around October or so, I get to know her better personally and became somewhat closer.

I must say that despite her fame and everything, she does not show any air at all! Instead, she kept her humble self whenever she treat others, especially xiao didis like Lervonn and I! The both of us appreciated it a lot! Also, whenever I start to emo on Twitter and stuff, she will actually like immediately or so, whatsapp me and try to find out what's happening. Then, she will give me advises etc.

I think she is like an elder sister to me! So, thanks Rachell for guiding me along my way! Let's meet up soon ok? Hee hee!

This is the very humorous, Cynthia! I know her when both Lervonn and I went to visit her flea at her house back then! be honest, I was quite afraid of her initially. HAHA, but after getting to know her after numerous outings, she is VERY funny!

You CI le ma? Wanna CUA or not? HAHA! These are the kind of jokes that we keep making up till today, and we are NOT bored of it. Hee hee! Thanks Cynthia! The both of us have not meet up very often! Hope to see you soon ok? HAHA!

Aiyo! Another chio one here, non other than Kiyomi! I was like a hardcore supporter of hers. And how do I know her? It is actually through an incident, when a humji dare to insult her through YouTube, and my bestie Angie, told me about it. Being unable to tolerate that humji's actions, I retaliate.

And that's how she got to know of my existence too. Hee hee. We are like a crazy bunch when all of us gather together! She brought lots of laughter into our group of friends and I must say, I do miss her a lot.... To me, she is like a sister whom I can talk to at ease as well. She's rather straightforward, so although at times her words might seem blunt, but it is actually for the good of us.

I really miss her a lot...Been long since I last saw her. And I do not know when I can see her again....

PEISHI! The girl with such gorgeous looks, yet she is not happy with it :'( Peishi! Have more confidence in your own looks ok?!

I always tell her "Your makeup tutorial hor, before and after like no difference lo...only the eyebrows become darker -.-" LOL! And I enjoy tinychatting with her a lot! Because with her, the atmosphere is TOTALLY DIFFERENT! And till today, I still remember the characters that got ALL of us into laughter that brought us stomachaches! LOL. Nanikan, Kannina and Ninakan XD Totally enjoy those moments!

Come to think of it, all of us are like busy with our own stuffs that we hardly have time for each other. Miss you lots...because we both really talked a lot of nonsense together and it seems like topic never seems to run out. Get to meet up soon!!!!! Hee hee :p

AIYO, this fellow here is call Gim and he is like the secondary school friend of Kiyomi. We know each other though Tinychat and I always tell people how small his eyes are HAHA! Well well, all I can say is that he's a real funny guy and he's very nice to tease also! HAHA!

So wanna find people to bully? Find him man! HAHA!

This Korean look alike, okay he's actually Korean, is Yang Hyun! We met like 3 times and he's very sociable and we clicked very fast too! Erm...sometimes I think he thinks too highly of me. LOL! I don't know why, but it seems like these whole bunch of people are very sociable and it appears that, the people within the circle of the blogsphere seems to be able to click very well!

Yang Hyun, have more confidence in yourself okay?! JIA YOU AND HWAITING!

This beautiful lady with nice features is, Krystle! Hee hee! I think she is also like an elder sister to me! She is very nice and she actually invited us to her house for a steamboat gathering not long ago! We had so much fun from shopping for the groceries, to preparing it and eating it together as though we are a big family!

Haha! And we do tinychat a lot together too :p I hope my jie here will have a smooth 2012 and quickly get married with your bf okay?! I WANNA GO WEDDING DINNER! HAHA!

WUAHAHAHA! Handsome and cute Javier is here to make his appearance! I actually met him like once only. LOL. But nonetheless, he is ALWAYS giving me support and encouragement on Twitter! Much appreciated! Do strive hard in whatever you do and I will look forward to more gatherings and stuffs okay?!

JIA YOU! And make sure you blog more hor?! HAHA!

ARHHAR! This is the petite and graceful blogger I mentioned before previously! She is Huixuanxuan! Erm...I don't know what she will feel, but I consider her as a friend! HAHA. She is just so nice and friendly la please! During our first meeting, she already offered to help to dye my eyebrows! I mean who will do that?! Not me lo. LOL.

And people, do follow her blog and twitter okay?! Such a good blogger cannot be under-rated!!! Huixuanxuan, stay pretty always and I will continue to support you!

HAHA! Last of all is this cool dude,with almond shaped face shape (jealous much) and near to flawless face! ARGHH!!! He is Mervin! I also met him for one time only, but like I said, all of us tinychat very often. So we often cracks up a lot of jokes!

Anyway, Mervin, Javier and I will be heading down to join in the fun of JYP Audition! Aiya, we just join for fun. If can get in hor, treat all of you worh LOL. Ya, so I bet we will be looking forward to that day of audition! HAHA! Bet we will joke a lot during the queuing up XD

Bro, stay young okay?! OMG...I feel so freaking old HAHA!

Anyway, I just wanna say that I treasure all of my friends out there. Sometimes I know that you might not see the effort I've put in but trust me, I do have you all in my heart. Also, 2011 has been quite a rough one for me...and I can only blame it on my bad management of time and people.

I am VERY VERY sorry to those whom I've let down or hurt....I seriously needa stop being so childish and know how to manage my time and relation better.. Soon, I will be entering army and I want to come out from army as a new person. But before that, I know that what I can do is to start caring for those who have always shown me love and care.

Thanks for being by my side. Love you all. Be it you still treat me as a friend or not....


So my parents and I, yes you didn't see it wrongly, it is my PARENTS AND I went to countdown together! My parents actually love all these like fun stuffs that youngsters do, and they do celebrate countdown! I actually celebrated countdown with my family ever since I remembered! 

We are actually so crazy over countdown that last year we even went to Japan with my cousin just to countdown and to spend our new year there! HAHA! So much fun!

Anyway we went to Marina to celebrate and coincidentally, Jody and Lervonn was there as well, so my parents and I went to meet them! HAHA! It was so much fun and too bad, as both Lervonn and Jody was inside on the Helix Bridge, my parents and I are actually on the roadside instead. But we were rather near so it didn't really matter, since all we wanted was to bask in the atmosphere and enjoy the fireworks!

I passed my camera to Jody and the following firework photos are taken by her and unedited. HAHA. I just filter some out to blog, because fireworks look practically kinda same. LOL. Enjoy!

After the fireworks, we were kinda hungry but we do not want to squeeze with the crowd in Marina so we decided to head to Bedok MacDonald's! So while waiting for the train, nothing better to do? TAKE PHOTOS LA! Aiyo, no need to say you all also should know le!

The two amazing parents I have! LOVE YOU!

The sweet couple! 

Family photo in the train ^^ Love this! 

Jody not wanting to take any photo, but I don't care! HAHA!

Lervonn and his weird weird expressions all the time! 

Twitser fries FTW!

Well, 2011 is over now. And it's like a hard year for me as it was my A Levels year. But now it's all history. As I've tweeted, what's unhappy should be left behind and only happy memories should be brought forward. is all about how we want things to be. Everyone has wrongdoings, why should we all ALWAYS focus only at the bad points and enlarge it, when each and every person has more to than that?

Cherish whoever we have and spend time with them. That is something I really need to learn. Like really.

I hope that 2012 will be a relatively smoother journey for me compared to 2011. Army life is approaching and I hope I can get the best out of it! Till then I think my blogging activities will be minimized to the max... But we shall see how. But for now, stay happy and be healthy ok?

Love all of you all! Thanks for braving through the rough times I had in 2011! MUACKS!

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