Wednesday, January 11, 2012


On Sunday, I went out with lots of other bloggers for dinner and pool right after my work :D And I really wanna say this for like once and for all ok? Sorry if this has to appear on a happy blog post of my outing.

I am NOT going out with different groups of people for fame or whatever shit you all think of. And I am NOT abandoning anyone for any others. People can have other group of friends right? Anyway our misunderstanding with Rachell and PeiShi has also ended, we are NEUTRAL now. So stop bothering others and us over the issue when you're not even involved. Thanks.

So, we went to Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe for dinner! YAYNESS!

Kryst and I! She really like an elder sister because she keeps looking after me :D 

With Jody! Forever joking around with me! Tons of laughter together! Feel so comfortable with her! 

What's new? Forever kop my camera to take couple shot HAHA! 

OMG this is Mervin! He looks good almost at every angle can -__-" Such nice face shape! 


People, you all can stalk this handsome and cute dude, Mervin at his BLOG or TWITTER! Waste no time and just go ahead and stalk him HAHA!

AMANDA (left) and Javier!!! HAHA! Amanda was rather quiet that day because she was sick :( So nice of her to still meet up with us. Thanks a lot!!! HAHA! Yoz, that's Javier. You all stalked him already or not?! Told you all before right? HAHA!


I can NEVER smile nicely, showing my teeth. Pft.

This Black Pepper Chicken Chop with Spaghetti is a dish which I always eat when I go to Xin Wang HK Cafe! It just taste so nice! The pepper smell is so great and strong to the taste bud, just like how I love it! The spaghetti wasn't that bad, just that it might taste weird to others.

Like Berlin said, it actually tasted like some Chinese medicine herbs HAHA.

HAHA the lighting was so god that my face seems SOOOOOOOOO FLAWLESS GOSH! 

After dinner, we moved on to our next activity which we planned for quite some time! We went to play pool! HAHA, I don't really play pool a lot. Really. So we all are like playing around HAHA, damn funny yet fun :D

Love those white teeth of Javier's D:

And yes again, the whole camwhoring session started! HAHA!

Innocent looking? HAHA nah, you can have it! 

WAIT VERY LONG ALREADY RIGHT?! Here's the pretty girl, HuiXuanXuan aka Berlin! 

Such mesmerising eyes~ Guys, see le don't faint or keep staring ar! HAHA! 

BERLIN took this picture for me! Damn nice! It is taken with flash, which I usually hate cos it's very harsh! But when Berlin took this for me that day, it just looks so nice and artistic! Cos we were also using the Antique mode of my G12. So think it kinda complements? HAHA!

After playing for around 1 hours, we started to slowly go back to our own individual paths. And before that we just have to take a final photo, which we've been discussing on Twitter, which is to take photo of us wearing the Navajo Print jacket!

Too bad Amanda left earlier, so we missed the chance to take with her! 

OMG! Javier got such slim legs!!! JEALOUS! I always admire guys with slim calves :( 

And last photo to end this post! Love this photo a lot too! HAHA! Can we form a band? Mervin say he looked very old here! Got meh? I think it looks more like those blur blur cute cute look! RIGHT GIRLS?!

I promise I will VLog soon and new giveaway is coming up! 

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