Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Be The No.1 Student Dancer In Asia!

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Hello everyone! I do know that a lot of youngsters nowadays are actually into dancing. In fact, I do find it very cool to dance as well. Especially after all the K-POP Heat, it's more common to see teenagers getting into dancing.

Sadly, till today I've not really participated in any dancing classes although I have interest in it. But I do know that a lot of you dancers out there are trying to find a platform, a stage which belongs to you and your group, to show the audience what you can really do on stage!

This is YOUR chance NOW young dancers out there! Gatsby is organising their 4th Dance Competition! This time round they are back for more to search for Asia's No. 1 student dancer! This is definitely the time for you all to shine on stage! Not only are the prizes and stage a big deal! Even the judges are enough to blow the minds of ours away!

This time round, Japan's well known and professional dancers, Charisma Kantaro and FISHBOY are both guest judges for this competition! So, even if you didn't make it into the finals, the comments and feedbacks given back by both judges should be very valuable as well! Worth the experience!

Not forgetting our own local talents, we have Chunky and Fredy Kosman to be the judges too! Do read up on all judges' profiles below!

I know this piece of information came a bit too late for you all but have around 5 more days to enter this competition! So, why not?! Here is the simpler version of breakdown:

26 November 2011 - 16 January 2012 
Contest application opens to all Student (1 - 3 in a group )  

4 February 2012 
All participant will be screened by judges in their preliminary round held at O-School dance studio and 8 groups will get into Singapore Finals! 

 18 February 2012 
GATSBY dance competition will be held and. 1 winning team will fly to Tokyo, Japan with all expenses sponsored. 

10 March 2012 
GATSBY DANCE COMPETITION ASIA GRAND FINAL IN TOKYO, JAPAN!!!! Where 8 countries compete and 1 Country winner will be crown ASIA BEST STUDENT DANCER and walked away with $8,000 CASH and many other awesome prizes!!! 

Well well, all I can say is good luck people! Other than luck, you do need some good coordination and teamwork being displayed among your group members and yourself too! All these are possible to achieve, just put in hard work and practice tons with your group members or even by yourself!

Never restrict yourself to the box. Think out of the box and let creativity run wild! But at the same time, do remember to take note of the safety of each and everyone of you all alright?

With pure hard work, coupled with creativity in your dance moves and the in born dancing genes within all of you all, I am sure that you are able to shine on the stage and have your moment of limelight, even IF you are unable to make it to the finals!

Good luck and work hard ! GAMBATTE! HWAITING!

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