Friday, January 27, 2012

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! Ok, this post may seem a bit late haha! But I mean CNY is all about the fun we enjoy and what's surprising is that in such a joyous and relatively big occasion, I actually didn't take a lot of photos. So this is mainly just some random photos which I took so as to document it down in my blog.

And really, I am NOT using my blog to advertise or what so ever. It's mainly back to the basics, I just wanna write down what I went through, what I've attended so on and so forth. That simple ^~^

So on the first day of CNY, it is a practice for my family to head down to one of the temple and to offer our offerings to the deities. Well, my wish was damn simple. Just a simple life with no more dramas, hope I can be with my love one, hope my family is healthy and of course, a smooth army life.

I wore this red top, it actually has a bit of the knitted top kinda texture yet I don't feel hot wearing it. So loving it! And it actually costs only like $18, bought in Bugis Street! What's more? It actually has a bit of the Korean feel. Simple yet smart looking!

After visiting the temple, I went to my grannie's house and head home after that. First day of CNY, all relatives will actually come to my house for visiting. So we will cook and stuff to attend to them.Before that I actually took a short nap cos it was damn tiring to wake up early in the morning like 7am to go to the temple.

After a short while, relatives start to reach one by one, and of course, my ringlight was like the main attraction, and we started camwhoring :p

With my dearest mummy!

Started to camwhore with my camera and the ringlight! HAHA yes, I changed back to the top cos it looks HAHA. Of course we spam like siao, but I'm not gonna post all here though HAHA!

People always tell me like how I look in real life and so on, looks different in picture. I will actually like to clarify worh. 1) I NEVER photoshop my face, which means liquify or bloat to make my eyes look bigger. 2) It's seriously all about photo taking angle!

People, you just need to find the right suitable angle for yourself to take photo, and you can get relatively nice portraits of yourself! There hardly any need for photoshop! That explains why my face looks kinda like nut shaped while in real life it's kinda big.

All three of us!!! Amelia, Linda and I! Cousins forever!

This year, my daddy cooked curry chicken! And it can be used as a side dish to go along with rice, or it can act as a base for curry chicken noodles/bee hoon/ kway teow! HAHA! Lots of choices for my relatives to choose from this time round!

HAHA thumbs up by my cousin as well as one of my aunt (below) LOL!

After eating and clearing up, it's time to earn some good money other than ang baos!
We played ban luck which mean Black Jack! Hee hee! Always love such moments when the whole family gather together to play, talk nonsense and have fun!

Not long after, baby Vera arrived! AND OMFG, SHE'S SO FREAKING CUTE!!!! And guess what, she is like only 5 months old, yet she is wearing the clothes of a one year old baby! GOSH! Cute max!!!

My favorite, green tea gua zi! HAHA! I always eat it down with the shells also LOL! 

That's all about it for my first day of Chinese New Year!
And for second day, I went to Edward's house for visiting and playing! I wore damn simple just a tee and jeans, cos it's freaking hot la!

His friends taught me how to play Baccarat, and man it's so much easier than Black Jack, and gosh won quite a lot from there! But I'm not gonna spend it, just gonna save up the money!

And lastly, third day I went to cousin Amelia's house! And I wore my favorite red checkered top from Japan's FOREVER 21! And even with layering, I don't feel hot at all eh!

I taught my cousin and her dad how to play Baccarat and gosh, everyone got hooked onto it! AND  of course, easy money was made too :p Won another round of big amount of cash! HAHA!

Yup, that kinda summarises my CNY! Usually all the fun and stuff occurs in the first three days! So I really enjoyed myself! It's more of the gatherings with everyone whom you hardly see at times that matter most. Indeed, I have no idea why my number of red packets start to decrease each and every year..Hmmm..

But like I've said before, red packets is not really all about the money, although of course, the more the merrier, it's more of the well wishes that was given to us by the giver as they pack each and every single red packet. And with that, I really come to realise that as one grows older, we tend to think things differently and we all have different perspectives.

Wishing everyone the best of luck for the year ahead! For those JC1 students who are gonna start their orientation very soon, do work hard and not play too much!!! And all the best to my friends who are in JC2, give it all your best! GOGOGO!

Muacks to all !

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