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Chinese New Year's Reunion Dinner at Crowne Plaza Hotel

Chinese New Year is approaching very soon and I bet that a lot of you are troubling over which restaurant to visit with you dearest ones to have your reunion dinner! Two days back, a few other bloggers and I attended a food tasting session by Crowne Plaza Hotel !

All of them who attended are like food blggers and I kinda felt out of the way intially but luckily CalvinTimo was there to accompnay me.

Anyway that's not important, so Crowne Plaza Hotel is actually situated in Changi Airport itself and I am sure that many of us have seen the hotel in Terminal 3 before. So, the restaurant where the food tasting was held was in Azur, one of the few dining locations in Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Azur is a buffet dining concept built around two show kitchens with chefs presenting a lively multicultural theatre serving the best of the Eastern and Western international cuisines. And this time round, they are going to present to us some specials for the upcoming Chinese New Year, which definitely will WOW you food lovers out there!

Let us first take a look at some of their normal menus for their buffet!

On top of the delicious food presented, the atmosphere of the dining location should also be comfortable to the diners. And Azur definitely achieved that with their cosy and elegant displays of their resturant.

This Vintage Looking wall really amazed me!

Now let's move on to the 8 course meal that I've tasted that day itself! During CNY, having 鱼生(yusheng) is like a must must as it symbolises 余升 which means an increase in abundance. Of course, this dish is definitely very familiar to all of you.

The plate of YuSheng that was served to us that was big enough to actually feed 20+ people! OMG.

What's special that day was that there is actually Abalone in the YuSheng. Crowne Plaza Hotel actually do provide diners with the abalone with the condition that they actually buy for takeaways. So, it is not available should we dine there.

Also, YuSheng will be served on a buffet basis during the CNY period. This means that diners can actually go to the counter designated and simply tell the chefs that you would like to have a set of YuSheng for _____ pax and the chefs will galdy help to serve you with the appropriate portion to your table. Such convenience!

The chef and the assistant was helping to get everything ready and they also said out what each ingredient symbolises. That is actually a way which we Chinese do it so as to hope for a smooth and prosper year ahead of us!

  Salmon skin was also used as part of the ingredients for the YuSheng and Azur only uses imported Norwegian Salmon. On top of that, the YuSheng was served with a special "Ginger Shoyu" dressing that was created by the Head Chef., Alvin Leong.

With that, we all all ready to LAO YUSHENG!!!!!!!!!!

My yummy portion of YuSheng! For photo taking that's why I took small HAHA!

After that we were invited back to our seats, where the other few main specialties for the CNY Festive Season was served to us.
*Do take note that the portions as seen below might not be the actual serving size, since it's a buffet style. But for us since we are seated down for food tasting, everything was carrid out to be so.

This is something like Shark Fin's soup but instead of using Shark Fins, Fish Maw was being used and I have to admit that the sweetness of the whole bowl of delicacy was present and it tasted very smooth to the taste bud. Love it such that I finished the whole bowl!

Next we had this dish called Steamed Garoupa in Pickle Chilli. Because it was prepared with the pickled chilli, it wasn't very spicy. In fact, it was bias towards sweet and sour. For me, I ate it with the red chilli that came along with it, and although the spicy taste wasn't very strong, the overall combination complements one another.

I think that even the elders would love this steamed garoupa. And kids can try it too!

See at the bottom left corner? That is actually pork lard. Yes, this fish was alos prepared with fried pork lards and it wasn't very oily to be honest. I don't really like to eat pork lard and that day was like my few attempts on eating it and I must say that it is not oily like those which we eat at those noodle stalls.

But of course, don't eat too much. High cholestrol orh haha.

This is the Fried Salted Egg Prawns! Normally I don't eat salted egg prawns becaue of the strong salted egg's taste. But this one was prepared differently. Those that I ate outside, the salted egg was in the form of sauce and dressed over the fried prawns. This one definitely tasted more soothing to my taste bud.

This dish of vegetables with sea cucumber and mushroom was very very nice and I loved it a lot as well. The sauce that was prepared with it was very thick and  not very salty. I guess it will actually taste very nice with just a simple bowl of white rice hee hee.

This plate of fried rice is different from the normal ones which we eat. Normally when we have fried rice for Chinese meals, they would be in lotus leaves or there will be glutinous rice. But for these non of the two was present. 1) Using lotus leaf is like too normal already so there is a need for change. 2) Glutinous rice was not used as it will be too filling for the stomach after consuming.

Such thoughtful thoughts from the chef!

If you were to look carefully at the fried rice, there are actually pressence of black bits here and there. Don't worry, they are not dirts. They are actually tea leaves! Yes, tea leaves the chef actually fried the rice with tea leaves, so there will be aroma of the light tea leaves as we eat it. The smell wasn't very strong to be honest.

However, after eating it, there will be light scent of the tea leaves. SO I personally feel that the elders will adore this dish. As not only does it taste unique, it also maintains the original Chinese traditional style of cooking, with 3 types of roasted meat in it.

Last but not least is of course the dessert! The ice cream is actually Coconut Gelato and it tasted so yummy and I do not get sick of eating it! You can ask me to eat one whole tub and I will ask for more! It's not to sweet and the light taste of coconut that lingers around after eating it is such a nice feeling!

To strike out a balance for this desserty, fruits were being served along with it! Yummy!

That's all for thr 8 course meal food tasting that we had. Trust me, even with all the small servings, it's more than enough to fill up the tummy of mine! And yes, all of them are available for the CNY Buffet as well! I bet you all are wondering what are the prices now right?

Here is the breakdown:
Chinese New Year Buffet Lunch
January 23-24 2012- S$58++ per person
January 27-29 2012- S$48++ per person
February 3-6 2012- S$48++ per person

Chinese New Year Buffet DinnerJanuary 22 2012- S$98++ per person
January 23-24 2012- S$88++ per persom
January 25- Febraury 6 2012- S$68++ per person

Prices are subject to service charge and GST.

If you want to make a reservation at Azur, please call 6823 5354 or email:

After the food tasting, the hotel personnel was kind and nice enough to bring us around and check out their hotel rooms and suite rooms too!

Yes, the hotel is TOTALLY RIGHT BESDIE the airport runway! And no worries, we cannot ehar a thing once we are in the individual rooms!

The room is designed based on the open concept so as to create the image that the rooms are very big! And they do work on the theme of Frangipani flowers!

This is their suite rooms and it is so freaking big! I think can really hold party and host like 30+ over people!

A walk in wardrobe! Cool for the girls!

The bathroom confirm also the girls' heaven! SO freaing spacious!!! They can spend whole day inside le!

This chair cost S$5000!!! And they had 5 of these inside their private club room! OMG!

Yups that's all for my food tasting and tour around the hotel! Wishing you all a Happy Chinese New Year!
I will be posting some of my Chinese New Year shopping clothes as well! So stay tuned people! Muacks!

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