Sunday, January 29, 2012

Punggol Waterfront Outing

Hi everyone!

Few days back, my bestie Angie, Conan and I went out for an outing. It's been so long since I met them. Well, my fault for kinda neglecting them though, but it was great to see them once more! So, we headed down to Punggol Waterfront to have a look and of course, to snap some nice photos!

When we arrived after walking a short distance, we saw this awesome view in front of us!

It's almost like a man-made river sort of thing. But everything seems so natural and magnificent. Luckily that day it was windy, so it wasn't exactly very tedious and hot for us to walk around. Because we indeed, walked a very LONG distance, but it is definitely worth the effort!

Snap a photo of Conan snapping photos. LOL! What a caption!

First time shooting this kinda architecture photos. Looks good? HAHA.

Angie and I went like "Is this all we walked here for?" LOL. And obviously the answer is NO la! So we walked down the slope and continued walking to explore the area, led by our tour guide, Conan, because he came here before haha!

HAHA bestie said I am taking upskirt photos of her! LOL!

We came across this huge patch of empty grassland and it's such a nice landscape to take photos! People are also flying kites here. No need for all of us to cramp at the Marina Barrage to fly kites anymore HAHA!
Don't waste such a nice view, is like a line in between the sky and the grass! 

HAHA Conan looks like a kid here right?! Like so excited to snap photo! LOL!

Snap some flower photos to beautify the whole area!

I like this photo of bestie! Everything just seems so together as though they are meant to be so. Hee hee!

I didn't manage to get a good photo out of this but is as though it's a clock ya? HAHA!

*Press press for traffic* Eh....something is wrong? LOL!

We walked to this place call Punggol Marina and we came across this area where all the boats and ships are parked at.

Talking about this lalang, it's very funny! Because Conan keep shooting this Lalangs whenever we walked around. There are actually tons of them all around the park area. Personally I feel that it's quite a nice place to have a shoot at!

Angie's precious son, Duffy!

Caption that Bestie give this photo is "Y U NO Love Singapore?!" HAHA!

Then we chilled around for quite some time at the area where we take the boat to Ubin for OBS! The area has been renovated so it looks very nice and modern now!

Further up when we walked, we came across a playground! AND I FOUND SWINGS!!!! Been such a long time since I played with swings!

HAHA and we had a mini "shoot" with the all time favorite, LALANGS! It's funny how we shoot with these because we are afraid of stepping into the bush, you never know what's inside all the bush. So, we kinda did something hilarious to get the above and below effects HAHA!

Credits of these two chio photos to Conan, our zai photographer within the group! I look very fat! LOL!

This ladybug here got the three of us go GAGA and like mad kids haha! It was climbing all around this small stem of plant and three of us keep pointing our cameras at it trying to capture a good photo! This was the best I could get out of it! LOL!

This looks kinda Tumblrish la hor? HAHA!

Many of this Millipede was crawling all around! And this photo I took was off focus, 
damn scare it climb onto my camera!

We planned to watch the sunset and capture nice photos but we walked a way too far, so didn't make it back in time. Walked back to the OBS jetty location and relaxed there. Surprisingly, we managed to capture part of the sunset, nice scenery, and kids were playing around and the cold wind blowing against us. 

Awwww~ Another relaxing moment! 

After that we bus-ed back to Sengkang and had our dinner before heading home! Gonna meet up with them more often! Not gonna be stupid me, and give up the whole bunch of such good friends over just that matter. Yups, and I am definitely gonna find more of nice locations to shoot scenery and stuff!

Till then people ^~^