Monday, January 23, 2012

Interesting Stuffs From Daiso

Ok hello to everyone! First of all, I wanna wish all of you all a Happy Chinese New Year!

And as you can see from the title of this post, it has totally NOTHING to do with my reunion dinner or Chinese New Year. Well, I will blog about it later, as I finish editing the photos and blog while I wait for relatives to come to my house. For now, I will just update about Daiso!

Well well, Daiso is like a freaking famous outlet within Singapore because all the stuffs are selling at like $2 ONLY! And what's amazing is that, some really fabulous products are selling at that cheap price too! So here are some which I find it rather amazing and I've practically been using them for quite some time though.

So here there are:

The one in the above you see is actually a facial wipe with aloe vera content as stated by it la. Recently I actually run out of it and went to Daiso outlets to find it but apparently I can't find it at all. So I got another one, which is like a bigger tube, in a cylinder shaped casing. But that is totally not good at all so I don't bother posting it.

Anyway, the one in the above picture is mad fabulous! It smells damn nice and it actually removes all the dirt on your face. I usually use it after I come back from outside. You all should know right, going out will results like all the dust particles to lie on our face etc. Girls can actually use is as a makeup remover as well!

Highly recommended!

These two products are actually quite interesting to me when I first saw them! Both are actually hair products and one is for damage care, and the other is for fragrance!

This damage care product actually moisturises our hair as we know that most Singaporean, especially teenagers actually go dye our hair etc and that actually damages our hair which results in dry hair. So it is very important for us to take good care of our hair.

You DO NOT want to go out of your house, with your hair looking like a broom. Totally major turnoff.

This hair care product actually smells good as well and it is not very oily too as some hair care products are mad oily. And with only $2 we can actually get this damage care product, I think it's worth it and so far, it isn't that bad after using it for like 2 weeks or so? Yups!

This hair fragrance thing is where you will drop out the fragrance onto your palm and then you brush it through your hair with your hands. Hmmm...I'm not very sure about this and I only used it for like once. Personally I feel that it is more suitable for the ladies, I guess. Cos of the scent but I think my own shampoo actually smells much stronger and nicer than this.

So, I won't really be getting this again. But you ladies can go try it out!

This wood scent thingy is actually my MOST FAVORITE ITEM in Daiso! They work like wonders! People will be thinking like "$2 only, better don't expect much! I spent so much on expensive scents and also never make my room smell nicer lo!"

WRONG! This $2 wood scent actually makes your whole freaking room smells damn nice! Especially the lavender ones! See arh, with just $2, you not only can make your whole room smell nice, you can also get some good nice sleep because lavender helps to soothe one's mind down!

Love love! That's why every time I go to Daiso, sure get a lot to restock one! GO TRY IT!

Last of all is this whole series of charcoal facial mask product! Japan actually is quite well known for their charcoal products! Like in department stores you can even find people selling charcoal pillow, bolster, toothpaste, toothbrush and many more! And Daiso is well known for this series of charcoal facial product!

And many of my friends and I actually find that it is not that bad! Seriously worth a try! And most of the time, they are SOLD OUT!

This is the cleansing foam and I find that after using it, the skin actually feels relatively smoother compared to before usage. And I actually quite like the smell of it! And for $2, I think this cleansing foam is definitely a good substitute for those expensive max products which we've been using for so long!

This is the cleansing cream. Actually I do not know what is the difference between this and the cleansing foam. But this is like the dry version. Means we do not need to rinse off with water. We just apply it to our face and after like 15-20 mins, we can just remove it with a wet facial tissue or so. It works wonder too!

Last but not least, this charcoal mask is the most famous one among all! You just have to simply apply it to our face and leave it there as we proceed to doing our other chores and the mask will actually form itself. After 10-15 mins, we can remove the whole mask from our face and I actually felt refreshed after using it!

Well, I can only describe all these as it is. But ultimately you have to try it before you really get to experience the wonder of these products! I have sensitive skin and using these products actually did not cause any side effects for me. But I am not sure about you guys.

I am NOT saying that all of us are suitable using it ok? So don't blame me arh if you use already and got problems, like whole face swollen etc. So hope you guys are gonna have a fun Chinese New Year celebration for the next few days!

And do win lots of money and collect lots of ang pao! Looking forward to tomorrow because I wanna win all my relatives' moolah from Black Jack! Nights people!



  1. I really like Daiso and this product review definitely helps! Thanks a lot!