Wednesday, January 4, 2012

[MAD OVERDUE]: Mother's Day Gift!

This post is like mad overdue but I seriously think that it deserves to be blogged out as I've really put in effort in the process of doing so! Anyway this post is actually about the process of me making something for my mum for Mother's Day 2011. Yes, that's how overdue this post is!

So basically my mum loves bags etc but I thought that instead of getting something that is already available in the mall, why don't I just make something for her with my own hands with some materials? I mean I myself will totally be touched and feel loved should anyone make something for me, right?

I've decided back then to make a personalised iPhone cover for her. My mum LOVES seashells a lot, so I try to make a blingbling iPhone case for her, with some seashells which I bought along Chinatown :D

I bought all these bling blings from a shop in a mall along Chinatown. That shop sells tons of these kinda DIY   materials! And I totally had a hard time choosing, ended up I spent quite a sum of money, yet I feel very excited to kick start the whole process of making the iPhone cover!

I bought a blue colored iPhone cover from FourSkin as the theme was Sea, so blue is definitely a good choice!

Not forgetting the tweezers to hold the crystals! 

EPOXY Glue which can be easily bought in DAISO! 

And of course some crystals! These are real SWAROVSKI crystals leh! 

Obviously, I wasn't the one who bought the SWAROVSKI crystals! And I went out that day to the STARBUCKS in Suntec City to sit down and do the cover. I'm not gonna sit alone, like duh! One guy sit down and do this kinda things in public very weird leh! LOL!

So I got my bestie, Angie, to accompany me! PLUS, she is like a pro at blinging items!

Ok, so here we start placing the crystals as an outline!

I was damn serious throughout the whole thing and it certainly seems much more difficult that it looks! Just the outline (shown below) took me like 20 mins or so!!! Because we have to ensure that the crystals are in line and in place, and also not forgetting that the epoxy glue will actually dry up very fast. So it's also a battle against time!

Bestie being very happy seeing me do these kinda things, HAHA!

Trying to get a rough idea of where to place the big accessories before filling the spaces with the smaller crystals 

Bestie just taught me the basics and the rest is up to me to do. I mean afterall I am doing something for my mum, cannot be I get my bestie to help me do and I sit back right? Lol, defeat the purpose only. HAHA.
So she kinda got bored and started going cranky and played with my camera and her Hello Kitty LOL!


As you can see that there are still gaps in between the big pieces of ornaments, but come on! I am a guy! An d being able to come up with such an iPhone cover is already quite a big achievement for me. Now I understand people like XiaXue and other girls who are willing to spend so much time to bling their items!

The satisfaction is simply amazing! Seeing the final product is just so marvelous! However, after the whole 5 hours, it certainly lead me to suffering from a bad backache! But when I show the gift to my mum, she was damn surprised and she thought I bought it from a shop! OMG I was damn happy!

To be honest, I even twitpic and @ mentioned XiaXue to ask for her opinion and she told me it looks great and my mum will certainly love it! Thanks for the encouragement!

But I think I won't be doing such things anytime soon again... HAHA. Well, if you haven't try doing so, be it you're a boy or girl, you all should do it at least once! Find the suitable person which makes you feel that it's worth doing such things for and try it! The happiness you deprived from it will be great!!

Enjoy people! And to those who started school, GOOD LUCK ^^

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