Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Vintage Brown Blazer!

Personally I love vintage a lot. That's why whenever I buy bags or shoes, I will be looking out for vintage inspired stuffs. Like khaki pants or light brown colored shoes or bags. As I am kinda short of blazers to wear for casual outings or official events, I bought a Blazer from GMarket!

It costs me only like $30, including postage leh! Damn cheap! So here are just some simple photos of the blazers :D

I just love those big and round buttons sewed onto it! It definitely brought out the vintage feel and the contrast between both! Love it!

Coupled together with just a simple black tee within and a necklace, I am all ready to head out! SIMPLE!

Er no! I am not showing you my crotch -.- I just wanna show how easy it is to match with just a dark colored pants as well! And the length of the sleeves are just nice as well! TOTALLY LOVING IT!

Okay, one last photo of myself hee hee :p

Anyway, I've decided to join the JYP Audition together with some of my friends. I've been practicing for the pass few days and I really hope that I can get some results out of it. Erm...too many things happened and didn't really started 2012 very well due to some issues.

But I know that Sooner or later, things will be fine, should they be destined to be so. Still on to hope but not letting it drag me any further. Love you all! Wish me luck ok? HAHA!

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