Friday, January 6, 2012

Steamboat Steamboat!

Few weeks back (not very long ago), we went to Kryst's house for a steamboat gathering! Yes, so morning around 11 I woke up, met up with Lervon and Jody and we we took train to Dover then took bus to a bus stop near Kryst's house!

After that, we went off to grocery shopping to shop for food and ingredients for our steamboat! Grocery shopping is always very fun! And with all three of them, we really had tons of fun. We just take and take the food, and before we know it, the whole trolley was full of food! HAHA. And I'm like the daddy of the whole bynch, bringing kids out. OMG, feel so old!

Went back to Kryst's house, slacked a while, while waiting for Gim and Yang Hyun! And around 6, we started preparing food! Hmmm...should I say we? HAHA!

These are like just some of the ingredients we bought! SOME, take note. HAHA. Cheese tofu (as shown above)! LOVE IT TO THE MAX, bought 3 packets and finished ALL! Hee hee.

We definitely bought some food to fry too! Hee hee. If not all boil one also not appetizing mah. Haha!

How can we miss out vege?! Need balance meal! HAHA! 

As you can see from the picture below, Kryst's maid and I are in the kitchen. LOL. Where are the rest? LOL. Kryst did cam helping after that though. The rest still young, so let them stay outside safer. Kitchen is for adults. HAHA!

Can I marry a wife now? I can cook eh!

Not act act one hor! 

The kids were in the kitchen, playing around with my camera! My camera was flooded with their photos! But I didn't post all, like duh! Hundreds of them eh!!!! Picked out some nice one and post it here. Hee hee!

This Lervon looked like some jailbird wanting to be set free. HAHA! 

His signature pose -___-" 

Kryst's cat is so beautiful right?! Blue eyes eh! Looked as though it wore contact lens! Its a female. Before that Kryst told us that her cat very playful, sometimes will try to run out of the house. But when we went to her house, her cat like scared of us siol.

It wanted to run out at first, then after it saw us, it ran back into the house HAHA! We tried carrying it, but it struggled and went hiding under the cabinet. LOL, damn cute!

Below are the two packets of fried food we bought and fried! Hee hee.

These popcorn chicken is spicy and nice! I was eating as I cooked it LOL.

Beautiful ladies in the house! Kryst and Jody! 

Jody and I, with the xiaodidi trying to squeeze into the picture from behind! HAHA! 

And finally it was time to eat! Before that. of course must take photo first of everyone on the table ma!

Jody, with a very modellish pose! Hee hee :p 

Lervon, with his weird weird expressions. All the time. 

The true blue Korean blooded dude, Yang Hyun! 

Gim's girl de friend, Gim and I (the most handsome duh, LOL!!!)! 

The host of the day, Kryst!!!! So beautiful right? Her face shape damn small and nice hor!? Jealous? 


Me doing Gim's signature Twist pose and the face must slant one side! HAHA. The fake and the original side by side! 

Picture with Kryst! She looks like a kitty here hor? OMG. KAWAIIIII!! And I look so unglam! 

Ending this post with a photo of Jody and I!

Well, I admit I've enjoyed my time having steamboat with them! Had lots of laughter and all. And if you all do realise, recently there has been lots of disputes etc on Twitter. Had some misunderstandings with some other friends. Erm...kinda ended the friendship also. I tried tried to save but too bad it didn't helped.

I admit I was at fault too. But ohwells, nothing much to say, and nothing more to do. So, if wanna end right, the least thing we can do is top stop talking bad about one another, and stop stalking and commenting -___- End jiu end le, why complicate things further right?

Now I should just concentrate on those who are still around me. And Angie, if you see this...I'm really sorry for neglecting you all. Can I just have this one last chance to make up? I'm still waiting for you to talk to me..

Love you all lots!

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