Sunday, February 19, 2012

Amazing Ski on Second Day!

How are all of you doing people?

Up till now I am having quite some fun here in Korea! Today is my second day here, and in my previous post, I mentioned that I will be skiing today! And right now is only like 8pm in Singapore and I am already sitting in my hotel room using my comp.

Because we are living in the ski resort for two nights due to the schedule today. Apparently it's like located at the country side, so no much shopping, but tomorrow we are heading to Seoul, so it's time for some shopping!! Hee hee!

So here I will blog about today. First thing I saw out of my hotel room's window when I woke up was this magnificent view, a view I wanna see with my beloved partner :)

It's very gorgeous right?! I wanna hug my partner in front of me as we see this together!

Headed down to the cafe to have our breakfast, aiya you all should know right? The normal routine whenever we travel!

After that, around 9.30am, we all headed down to the skiing area and start preparing ourselves by wearing all the proper attire as well as attending the beginner course with our tour guide, who is a professional in skiing! 

The wind was kinda cold as it blew onto our face but come on, would you rather melt in Singapore ore enjoy the cold wind? Of course the latter, at least for me. HAHA. And my parents and I were discussing like how magical it is to step in snow again.

Previously we went to Japan and although it's cold, it wasn't snowing at that point of time. And the temperature here is lower, cos it has been in the negative since don't know how long lol. 

Everything seems so magical. Like a fairytale.

We started with the basics, like how to brake, which was like an important move, and how do we climb up the slope with our ski equipments on etc. Overall it's quite tiring cos we have to bent down a lot. 

And cos my mum is quite afraid of this kinda activities cos of her medical reasons, she actually tried too. BUT, she nearly went all the way down the hill backwards!!!! OMFG! Damn scary la, and the guide went like "I never teach you all to slope frontwards, you already try to ski backwards down" LOL damn funny la, even my mum laughed.

My mum tried on a few more tries too later on, and cos of the speed, she will scream too here and there and then the tour guide went again "Wah, people come here ski ahjumma, you like come here sing Opera"

Yah, the guide likes to call the ladies in our group as Ahjumma. HAHA. Talking about the ladies, a few of them keep calling me Big Star or Korean Star whenever they see me O.O Damn shy la, although I secret love it a lot. HAHA! 

For the two photos above, we didn't get onto the ski board cos I'm afraid my mum will go all the way down the slope again so we posed as so. LOL. 

I think I really looked like a small kid here, hugging a big snowball HAHA!

Skiing already took like more than half of our day away, till lile around 4pm. And before we gather together to head down to the indoor water amusement park, my parents and I went to eat some piping hot Domino Pizza!

Singapore outlets not as good, that's all I can say. Really.

Headed back to hotel to change out of the skiing attire and being the vain me, I dressed up even though we are going to the water park, which is like a small distance away only. 

Cannot blame me, in Singapore you ask me wear layers of clothes, I will just kill myself. 

After that we head down to the same restaurant as yesterday night to have our dinner! Limited choice available to us, since we are living in such remote area, other than the ski resort, which also hardly has any food. 

I have such big crush on this seaweeds! I can eat bowls of rice with just these!

That sums up my day 2 since I spent almost whole day skiing and nothing else. Tomorrow will be better, in the morning we will be going to some farm to feel goats and milk them :) And from afternoon onwards, we will have BBQ as lunch before heading to Lotte World for some fun!!! 

Not forgetting the tons of shopping we can do in Seoul, with all the huge ass department stalls! SHOP TILL I DROP! Will try to blog tomorrow if I can, because the travel agency told us that not all hotels have Wifi, and even have, like now, we have to pay for it -.- HAHA!

So do check out tomorrow too ok?

And before I go, I dedicate this heart to all you beloved readers and to penguin!

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