Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baking Cheesecake!

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to teach you all how to make cheesecake, which I've learnt from Kryst on how to bake! It's really damn easy, if a guy like me also can bake, so can you all! Real simple steps to follow, and the results is just so perfect!

I started this post with just a random photo which I've taken at the bus stop while waiting for Kryst to arrive from her school! I just love it, the picture is peaceful and the sky is just so blue! No editing done to it!

Ok, so we went to the nearby NTUC and started buying the important ingredients to make the cheesecake. I initiated that I want Oreo Cheesecake, and for those friends of mine, you'll know that I ate Oreo Cheesecake EVERY MORNING during my O Levels period, as I watch Boys Over Flowers HAHA!

So, I guess it will be nice if I can bake that out. My personal hot favorite!

Here are some main ingredients needed (in clockwise direction from top right):
1) Caster Sugar
3) Digestive Biscuits
4) Baking powder (actually is not needed LOL)
5) Philadelphia Cream Cheese
6) Oreo Biscuit

Alright! So here we go!

Use around 2 cups (those baking kinda cups not our mugs) of digestive biscuits.

The digestive biscuits are to be crushed into fine bits and pieces so as to build the base of the whole cake! Only with the base, will you be able to have a different texture in terms of taste.

Mix 3/4 cup of melted butter with the digestive biscuits!

Put it into a baking bowl and use your palm to spread the crushed biscuits evenly.

You really do have to ensure that the biscuits are being spread out evenly and when you do so with your palm, do apply adequate amount of force because you want to compress the bits together such they are are more solid as a base.

If you do not apply enough force, the base will actually crumble at the end of the whole baking of the cake.

Once you're done with Step 3, just leave the base to the fridge to settle down for around an hour.

While waiting for it to really settle down, what you all can do is go around snapping photos or even camwhore. Good way to past time, you know? HAHA!

Time to crush the oreos!

There are actually alternatives which you all can use, need not use Oreo if you do not like it. Some examples of alternatives will be fruits like bananas or even strawberries!

Take 3 packets of softened cream cheese and add 3/4 cup of caster sugar. Caster sugar is being used because it is more fine, so when the cake is baked, you won't crunch on solids of sugar.

Add three eggs and then a few drops of vanilla essence so as to bake a nice and yummy cake with aroma! Then use a baking mixer to blend and mix the ingredients together.

Mix in the crushed oreo and BLEND BLEND BLEND!

Take the baking bowl out of the fridge and pour the mixture on top of it! Do make sure that the base is well hardened before pouring the new layer of mixture over it.

Put it into the oven at 175 degrees celcius and bake for around 35 minutes!

After that, just leave it to cool and sit for around 3 hours, by placing it into the fridge once again!

And after 3 hours.......


This is a very simple recipe and I bet that all of you are able to bake it as well!!! It taste very cheesy and it has the nice scent after baking! So do try it out and you may experiment with different ingredients and fillings as well!


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