Sunday, February 19, 2012

First Day In Korea!

As I mentioned yesterday that I'm flying for Korea, and after around 10+ hours of flight, including the transit at Shanghai, I am finally in Korea!

Damn happy to be here once again! And the weather is simply so amazing! I mean afterall being in that hot and warm sunny island for too long, we should really come to this cold countries time to time! 

Simply love my visit here and now I am paying for an hour's WiFi service so that I can blog, and of course contact penguin because somehow I cannot find any prepaid cards for my handphone in Korea eh.

So on the flight, I took a photo of my chio newpassport cover! It's actually from the Singapore Post edition, damn cute and nice right?1 Loving it so much! The interior is also very cute, with red being the color, with white polka dots! 

Finally after the one hour flight from Shanghai, we finally reached Korea! And it's so cool to see everyone dressed up very nice cos of the winter season, so everyone also show out their pattern! HAHA, pattern more than badminton! LOL.

And whenever we talked, it's as though we are smoking because those smoke will actually be exhaled out from out mouth HAHA! 

Oh ya! One amusing thing that happened was, the tour guide actually thought that I was a Korean following their group on this tour O.O At first I thought it was cos of my hair, but apparently the tour guide said It's cos of my face features and looks.

Of course damn happy la! Is like major compliment! BUT, my features like nowhere near to Korean guys' lo -__-" Whatever I like the compliment! HEE HEE!

Our first destination was this place where we ate our first meal, it is called SkinAnniversary, it is a place where people go for facial etc and there is a Korean restaurant at the basement!

We got the chance to made our own Bimbimbap and there are lots of Korean cuisine being served at the mini buffet! And I saw the rice cake, and scooped up a few scoops because I love eating them! But a bit disappointing though because it's kinda cold.... So a bit yucks LOL!

After the meal, off we all go for our facial!!! First we were each given a personal card, and our own consultant will actually scan our skin and try to find out the flaws of our face. After that, a suitable facial mask will be distributed to us base on the results of the "checkup"!

Damn shiok la the facial session!!!! I actually fell asleep!! HAHA! Another funny thing is actually, while we all were doing our facial, we actually heard people snoring! VERY LOUDLY some more eh! HAHA! 

Everyone was actually talking about it and trying to guess who was it! Damn hilarious!

Anyway, this outlet must be VERY FAMOUS because a lot of Korean POP Idols actually visited them as well! Below are some of my personal favorites!

There were also some cool paintings on the wall for us to take photos with! 

I just love countries with winter season because everything that's right in front of me seems so beautiful and magical! 

Later at night, we headed to the ski resort there to loan our ski equipments because later on in the morning, we will be going for some skiing action. Kinda sian cos all the equipments so heavy la ! 

Headed off to dinner after that. Kinda yummy! Like steamboat, and in this kinda weather, that meal was simply satisfying! 

And to end off the first day, we booked into our room at Intercontinental, at Alpensia resort! This resort was built for like 2 years, and the slope which we will be skiing on tomorrow is right outside our window view! Will snap a clearer photo in the morning! 

This resort is also gonna be the accomodation for the Olympic atheletes for the 2018 Games!  COOL! 

Loving the coat I bought from Pull&Bear!!! TOTALLY A GOOD HAUL!

The pictures taken just now wasn't very clear apparently! 
Will blog tomorrow with better photos!

Because of the cold weather, we tend to get hungry very easily, and for a pig like me, there is no doubt that I get hungry MUCH MORE easily! So my dad and I went to the nearby convenience stall, but apparently. it's not that near given the cold wind and low temperature of =20 degress celcius (WTF?!?!?!?!)!

Got some food and nommed on them before I start using the Internet and blog here, as well as update Twitter and talked to darling penguin!

Few camwhore pictures in the hotel room!!! Hee hee!

And this Crayon Shinchan! I always bring this plushie along whenever I travel as I've been doing so since 6 years old when I first owned it. Guess I just cannot kick away the habit eh? HAHA! 

Anyway this post came a bit late cos the internet connection went off as I only paid for an hour! So yups here it is! And I am going to blog about my second day NOW! Wait ok?! HAHA!

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