Friday, February 17, 2012


As the title has already suggest, I am gonna go off soon!

Okies, so if you've been following me on Twitter (And if you have not, please do follow me here @BenVoda) as I updates about my happenings etc very often there, you guys will actually know that I am flying off to Korea later midnight! Oh yesh! HAHA!

So just a random short update so as to not make this space too dead because I am just THAT busy and THAT lazy to even schedule blog posts. Blogging is all about passion and own sake, why need to schedule posts right? Personal thoughts.

Anyway I met up with my primary school buddies! Yes, PRIMARY school. Not secondary school and not even JC friends. They are the bunch of people who I really know for a freaking looooong time, other than my sec school friends who are always there for me :)

*I don't want people to assume much things. I don't wanna list out too many things and go on and forth, if you're my true friend, you'll know what I am conveying*

The guy (not me obviously), is Kaeden aka Han Soon! I've known him for the longest time! We know each other since Nursery till now! And the lady behind who is very fair is Jia Hui! I've known her since Primary 4 and our clique here is very very very close with one another.

So yesterday we met up with one another, like finally, after so long because Jia Hui and I were busy with A Levels and Han Soon was busy with his school too! I was very happy to meet them again, mad happy! Because the very last time we met was during my birthday celebration last year! That's like a year already!

But amazingly for us, we NEVER feel awkward with one another. Nor do we feel outcasted or left out just because we never meet one another for so long! That's what TRUE FRIENDSHIP is all about. Not bickering over small matters.


Will blog about our outing when I come back or when I can when I am in Korea using the Wi-Fi! Hee hee!

I am very excited with my trip because the last time I went to Korea was like 10 years ago? And back then, KPOP wasn't much of a big deal and because I was young, I tend to just play and not admire the true beauty of Korea. This time round it will be the winter season! And I've packed my luggage with lots of coats, blazers and outer wear!

Can't wait to board the plane later! Anyway, I am sure I will miss a whole bunch of you people out there! Thanks a lot for the well wishes! Love you guys! Will update about Korea before I enlist!

MUACKS! Do follow me on Twitter and don't miss me too much HAHA!

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