Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Heading To Seoul~

On the third day of my trip, I was prepared to head down to Seoul after spending two days around at the so call country side area. Obviously I was mad excited because just thinking of all the shopping that I can do in Seoul makes me go GAGA haha.

Before that we head down to a farm place and get our hands on doing our very own cheese, which kinda tasted yucky in my own honest opinion.

So here's how we do it!

TADAH! Here's our very own cheese. Yes it looks like tofu, totally feels like one too due to the soft texture.  It doesn't smell like cheese nor does it taste like one at all. But not bad la hor the shape and outlook? *self denial*

But what's lucky and compensated for all that negative points was that there was red wine. Well in such cold weather, having some red wine to warm ourselves up definitely is a plus point! Haha!

Our whole complete set of cheese with crackers, and with the drinks available for us to go along with it!

Right outside the farm is this piece of beautiful snow-covered land! So of course being a typical tourist, I just wanna snap snap snap and snap more photos! Right after that, we walked a small distance away so we get to feed some cute fluffy sheeps!

They are damn violent I swear! It's as though they've no eaten for months! When you bring the pain forward nearer to them, and when they start digging in, you feel as though they are gonna bite the pail and snatch it away from you lo! Tsktsk.

I love this family photo because we all look good! And I look like I got long legs! HAHA!

After that we drove towards Seoul and we came across this factory outlet, where lots of branded goods are selling are relatively much cheaper prices! But I chose to just sit down and relax in StarBucks and enjoy just the scenery and the peaceful moments there.

Although it's like a city area, everything seems to be in slow motion, no rush and no hectic pace. Love it.

LUNCH TIME! And of course, the BBQ!!!! All time favorite! I remember when I visited Korea back then, I was totally captivated by meal times because of all the BBQ stuffs and the ginseng chicken that I got to eat!  So this kinda got me all hyped up haha!

After lunch time, we all had a very filling meal because we are headed towards Everland, a theme park in Korea! Didn't bother queuing up for the games because of the stupid tour guide, we were given only like one an half hour WTF? Play what siol?

So many people, by the time we queue, already night time liao. Hate the tour guide. Like very slack, keep cutting off our shopping time etc.

We hopped on this safari bus ride where we rode into the cage where all the tigers, lions and bears are caged in! Guess this was the ride that SNSD took in Hello Baby!!! HAHA! *fan boy mode*

Don't really like the sweet corn because it's NOT sweet and it's too chewy already la! 

Okies so our dinner was Ginseng Chicken and I was totally looking forward to eating it. I was already craving for it in fact. Being all excited we kinda walked into the restaurant. It was soooooo quiet and deserted that our tour group was the only batch of people inside -.-

If you are wondering why there is no photo of the ginseng chicken, it's because......IT'S FREAKING DISGUSTING! Not only the appearance of it, but also the taste of it! IT SUCKS!!!! OMG. Totally didn't touch the chicken at all that night!

My mum finds it freaking disgusting too lo -.-

Brought to this shopping centre, the whole stretch of the shops actually open up till 5am in the morning. Cool or what?! And there are lots of Korean style clothes for girls, so pretty and kinda cheap! Bought some things for friends and myself. Shall blog about my hauls on a seperate posts, if I got the time haha.

This stick of yummy road side snack is so nice luh! Its actually sausage wrapped inside and coated with potatoes!!! SO yummy!!!! If only Singapore has this man!

Yups yups, that kinda concluded my Day 3! Nothing much in particular. I'm kinda disappointed because all the shopping locations which the tour guide brought us to are like so freaking expensive and high end stuffs? Like LV all those. Like as if we come overseas we wanna shop those things!

I am Singaporean, I want good and cheap stuffs man! Grrrrr!
Ok look forward for next few posts! Confirm by this week finish since I got so little time left before enlistment! HAHA!

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  1. Actually the one you ate, Singapore has it! You can go to Dong Dae Mun to get it!