Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Seoul To The Peaceful Jeju Island!

Second Day in Seoul~ The hotel that we stayed in for the first night was not very good. WAYYYY below expectations because the room was so small that placing the luggages along the floor will actually blocked up our way in the room itself -.-

Torturous much especially after living in such luxurious hotel, Alpensia the previous two nights.

Started off the second day in Seoul by visiting this ice gallery, where we get to sculpt an ice cup under the guidance of the staffs! Quite fun actually, and I didn't take photo of my "masterpiece" because it's damn hideous to be shown haha!


Camwhoring at the back of the bus! No need to paiseh or anything, just snap as many photos as I like and no one will stare at you haha. We had quite a scrumptious lunch for that day! International buffet with steamboat! Finally some good food after that disgusting disappointment from previous night!

I have to confess that the strawberry ice cream taste so different! It's so yummy that I nomed 3 cones! 

Dinner wasn't that bad as we had BBQ kinda food again...and bibimbap (however you spell it as) :D

Next day we were all prepared to fly down to Jeju Island from their domestic airport! Heard a lot about how beautiful and magnificent Jeju is and of course, all the idols who've been there to shoot CFs before also caught my attention of that very island.

Needless to say, I was hoping to capture some very nice photos of the area and getting all ready and geared to do so!

Just an hour's flight and there I was, right in Jeju Island! And seriously, the air was so much refreshing!

I've no idea what I was posing -__-" Don't puke eh?

Beautiful island, refreshing air, with peaceful views for the naked eyes, camera's lens, and computer screen (what the hell I'm talking about?)~ 

What seems to be just a normal packet of noodles yet it tasted so yummy, I swear! 

Can you find the dragon head? 

During late evening, we head down to one theatre to watch NANTA! I believe many of you would have heard of this before because they came to Singapore to perform before in the Esplanade! This is definitely a good show!

It's actually like a mime, with no talking kinda shows? And it's so mad funny la and the scene actually took place in a kitchen and it's so hilarious and I was laughing my ass off (not literally haha) throughout the show!

This is actually Jeju's largest area to shop and it's underground. And actually the stuffs are not cheap because in Jeju, they actually import most of their stuffs from Seoul itself thus with the addition of the shipping fees etc, the stuffs are way more pricey. As such nothing much for me to shop for, since most of them are girls' clothes too.

Managed to bought some of this minimelts to nom on though haha!

AND finally a MUCH decent room after that terrible night in that cramp room! Even the room in Jeju is so much more nicer and comfortable to sleep in!

SEE! Even the toilet bowl seat got controls to help you wash your butt! 

*WARNING* Below are some camwhore pictures of me that might make you puke or feel uncomfortable.

NICE OR NOT THE BACKPACK! Mummy bought for me in Korea!!!! S$30!! 

Looks so old school! Love it a lot :p 

I love these 4 photos which I took at the lobby of the hotel while using the free WiFi! Hee hee!

That's all for now people! Muacks! Still got a few more days of Korea to blog and 2 days in Shngahai! And I'm done! HAHA!

Love you all for supporting! Muacks!

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  1. Hi, can i ask which hotel did you stay in Jeju? We are going there but have problems finding hotels. my email is tansiying@gmail.com, thank you!