Monday, February 13, 2012

Shop it at S-hopit!

There are like tons of blogshops out there nowadays selling lots of eye catching accessories, apparels and anything else that you can think of dressing yourself with. But at times, the price might be a little bit too pricey, especially for students like most of you here. 

Here I have a blogshop,! And surprisingly, there are tons of things they sell at VERY affordable prices. DEFINITELY CONFIRM PLUS CHOP THEY ARE!

I am just gonna show you people a few items which are rather chio and I believe that girls look great in them. My own personal opinion though. HAHA.

All preorders will be closing on 13Feb, 7pm . Latest payment date will be 14Feb , 6pm . 
Date might be push backward.

Urgent orders please contact , but expect to pay a fee for urgent orders, 

I always feel that girls, any girls of different appearances will look good in leopard prints apparels or items! Here is a backpack in just the appropriate pattern of leopard prints!

Item : Leopard small bagpack
Dimensions : 30cm width x 27.5cm height
Price: $22.90

Girls cannot do without some elegance at times, can you? I bet many of you people have seen these kinda envelope clutches out there, be it in flea markets or shops. And there are many colors for you to choose from for different occasions!

Personally I love the red, black and brown ones! Black and red are for important events, like prom or cocktail events. And brown ones is good for casual outings, bringing out the vintage feel, which I LOVE a lot!

Item : Envelope Clutch
Dimensions : 
Length 36cm X Height 24cm 
Price: $13.00

Wanna try some DIY on your own self? You all might love studded shose, bags, shirts or even shorts! But sometimes, they seem so simple in design, yet the price is not that simple afterall. HAHA. So S-hopit can help you solve this problem here!

They do sell studs too, in different shapes (round or square ones) in different sizes (mainly  6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm)! Now you can get lots of them, at very cheap prices, and start designing your very own unique studded outfits!

Square studs - 
Bronze & Silver 
Sizes :
6mm( 2grab ) - $10 for 100piece
7mm(4grab) - $11 for 100piece
8mm(4Grab) - $12 for 100 piece
10mm(4grab) - $13 for 100piece
12mm( 2grab ) - $14 for 100 piece. 

Round studs - 
Silver only . ( All 4grabs ) 
6mm - $12 for 100piece
10mm - $15 for 100piece
12mm - $16 for 100piece

How can girls go out with rings ya? I mean you can, but why not bother making yourself more attention catching with these rings? You see already also shiok eh! HAHA!

Connector rings ! 
Each @ $3.50 . 
Buy three @ $10 ~ 

This last item is personally my favorite! AND I am getting sponsored a pair of this! THANKS! It loks so lovely and chio! Can wear to Korea! WUHAHAHAH!

It looks very chic and atas right?! WUAHAHAH! I just love it a lot and I can't wait to lay my hands on it! Will take photo with it once I received it! AND it's realllll MUCH CHEAPER as compared to other blogshops!

Other blogshops are selling it for around $19.90 or more! And S-hopit is selling it for ONLY $10.90!!!! Grab your now today and do tweet me a pic of you with it if you got one!


Do shop there now!
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