Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another Tour Around Jeju

How's life for everyone? Okay, I'm just back from my 2 weeks confinement in army and I'mm gonna book in again later -.- But before I do so, I thought that I might as well just update my blog a little bit. So I'm blogging about my day 6 or so in Korea!

I kinda love this day because we actually went to the Teddy Bear Museum which is like kinda famous in Jeju Island so it's kind of exciting of my part to visit there! So here we go!

By far this could be like the BEST breakfast ever! Abalone Porridge. Not fan of abalone though. 

This is is nice right? HAHA! So vintage feel~ 

Anybody need some companion from the nurse? HAHA! 

There is also a souvenir stall which sells lots of bears, in different colors! Totally great variety of choices but I didn't get any because it's kinda expensive? Plus, if you all know me, my bed is all occupied by my bears and is almost like I'm the one accompanying my plushies to sleep and not the other way round.

Didn't regret not getting one somehow. But I managed to snap some photos for you peeps to go "AWWWWW~" SEE! So considerate of me right?! HAHA.

Right after that, we went to another museum! It's the glass museum where all the sculptures that we see are all glasses! It's quite a magnificent experience and with the winter season, everything just looks so magical with the background.

Would you marry me? 

This is a glass house toilet! When you're inside, you can see people from outside but not the other way la!

Very nice right?!

These ducks are like made from those beer bottles! 

Right after that, we went to this location with a great sea view. Well, Jeju Island is all about sightseeing what!

Floral TOPMAN tee for $10 and the outer wear from NEW LOOK for only $30! 

We also paid a visit to one of the villages where people are still living under those kinda rural conditions, in the sense that they do not stay in flats or apartments. Simple lives yet it seems peaceful at the same time as well.

Just see how freaking fat and huge their roosters are?!?!?!?

This orange actually costs me SGD$5! One only leh!

This photo is taken at the very high mountain which Seohyun and Yonghwa climbed before in WGM, where they want to see the sunrise. It's the same location! So nice luh! HAHA! 

And before we know it, it's night time all over again. For dinner, it was said like it's a feast, where we are gonna have seafood, very fresh ones because in Jeju Island all the seafood are like caught by the locals. But personally, I don't really love to eat seafood (not mentioning about prawns or crabs) like sea cucumber all those la.

And they actually had abalone inside, but I totally detest it because it taste like rubber to me. Yes, rubber. So dinner wasn't that yummy to me afterall. Oh well, weird me.

Yups! See you again! HAHA! I will try to find topics or so to blog more ok? As for noe, I just gotta go prepare for my book in later and training resumes all over again tomorrow. Gosh, time pass so fast.

Anyway I really appreciate all those who actually sent me wishes on Twitter and encouragements while I was confined in Tekong! I will try to get my BlackBerry done by today so at least I can Tweet and reply you people! For now do take care of yourself people!

Loves to all!

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