Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Day Before Enlistment

Few more hours, and I'll be standing right outside White Sands, with my backpack and getting ready to head down to Tekong for the start of my NS life! Time passes real fast, 3 months of holidays just ended like this and I am going to transform into a man (which many of my friends stated, not me arh) very soon.

Do look forward to it and I do hope that Tekong is not as scary as what it sounds like >.<

Okay, so just one day before my enlistment, my dearest cousin Linqi, and one of our friend who used to be our ex-colleague decided to ask me out for a last gathering before I enlist. SO SWEET OF THEM LUH!

We decided to head down to Bugis to have our lunch and then planned (initially) to go sing K after that! I was like really treated like Prince la, what I wanna eat, what I wanna do, they all listen to me leh! OMG so nice of them haha! Decided on eating at MOF because I've yet to dine there before. Call me sua ku or whatsoever, yes I've never dine at MOF before. Haha.

Ordered our food (which we took very long time to decide because the freaking menu was SO THICK!) and surprisingly, it was served to our tables very fast!

My teppenyaki salmon set!

Cousin Linqi's Cheese Unagi!

Overview of our orders! 

Kim's bento set haha!

Chatted over meals, and it was so relaxing and all. Because it's like a weekday, some more a Monday. Of course at around 1+ who will be in Bugis?! I mean those adults are still working, and most of the teenagers are like still in school luh.

Totally best time to go out to shop and sit in some random cafes or restaurants to have a meal or some drinks! Anyway, we ordered some desserts, well although I never dine at MOF before, I do hear that their desserts are like the bombs! So must try!

Ordered the 3 scoops gelato set and also this red bean paste kinda thing with ice cream and rice balls!

Some fried sweet potato served with ice cream, which seems like whip cream to Kim and I. LOL.

After the wonderful meal, which was treated by Kim, THANKS A LOT, we head down to the so call main highlights of us being at Bugis, NEOPRINTS!!!! Okay, sounds very old school but these neoprint machines are just so nice to play with la! We also took polaroids, which both Linqi and I brought out. Hee hee :p

(Sorry didn't take photo of it but ohwell) 

Instead of going for K Session, we decided to watch a movie, and guess what we watched? We watched "The Devil Inside" haha! We were actually discussing how scary the movie will be and kinda looked forward to it since we hardly watch horror or gore movies in theaters.

Erm....it was kinda BORING at the beginning, got a tiny climax in middle, starts to get a bit scary, then some funny scenes (at least to me) and POOF, the ending was so abrupt -.- In my opinion, it's kinda boring overall, like another version of Paranormal Activity...

Right after the movie, it's hair cutting time!!! YES, I wanna shave it before entering into Tekong. Penguin asked me to cut it outside on my own too. I don't wanna screw my hair, as it already will be since it's gonna be so short, by letting them handle it. So ya, wise choice made.

Decided to go to Snip Avenue at Bugis to cut. Since I am only shaving my hair, no need go so ex salons, just a $4.80 ones will do. Cheap and good.

And here goes....

Aiya actually I'm not very bothered by the fact that my hair is shaved. Because for those who know me since young, I've lived my life being short-haired all the way until secondary 3/4 then I started to let my hair grow. I just don't get it why some guys can make such big fuss over their hair getting cut or being too short...

Headed down to town since Linqi has to planned out her work schedule. Walked around Far East Plaza after that, and our dear auntie Kim got herself a nice and chio salor designed bag, handpicked by both auntie Linqi and uncle Ben, wuahahaha!

Shopped a while more and we have to part our ways because I have dinner with my family so I left the girls in town. HOPE TO SEE YOU TWO SOON!!!!

We had our dinner at the Prima Revolving Restaurant near Vivo. Yes, the whole restaurant actually revolves. So you might be facing a certain scenery now, but was you eat and chat through the meal, if you were to look out of the window again, it will be another scenery presented in front of you. The movement is very slow so you won't feel giddy or any sort.

Here's the food!

Grannie told me that she loves my short hair now and I should maintain my hair as such :p

My darling cousin baby Vera!!! She's so cute and she smells so good~~~~ 

Okay, ending off with a family picture, a day before my enlistment!

I've not scheduled any posts due to the lack of time and stuffs. And if you realised, I've changed my blog layout and design, hope you guys love it and do give me feedbacks should you all have any! Luckily I am managed to get my new blogskin done before I enlist, so at least you all no need to wait too long for it haha!

2 weeks I will be confined to Tekong, so till then there will be no updates! But I will be tweeting though, through TweetSg, so don't say I ignore your tweets because I will be using lok kok (lousy) Nokia phone. Will only bring in my BlackBerry later on. 

Love you people! Do @ mention me should you miss me (PLEASE DO!) and I will reply ALL when I am back! MUACKS!

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