Thursday, March 1, 2012

How Difficult It Is....

It's way to difficult. What am I talking about? I believe that many of you keep thinking that it is easy to blog. But let me tell you an honest answer, NO. I've blogged about blogging issues back then, you can read it HERE.

The misconception that people has is that "Blogging, just type a few words, quarrel with those famous people can liao". As easy as it might seems to be, the truth always defer from it. How does a blog actually attracts people? You think you can get famous overnight when you just started a blog? Let's not talk about celebrities here, just us, normal civilians I would say. 

Why is it not an easy task to attract readers for us? Let's start with the girls. 

Take a look at few famous bloggers which we all have currently in the blogsphere:






*wanted to include someone else too but don't wanna be deem as hypocrite* 

Undeniably, all of them are unique in their own ways, and if you're not entirely blind, you can tell that all of them are pretty! With different styles being presented, but they are pretty. They are famous for that reason playing a part in it. Not forgetting that your blog got to have contents as well. 

Realistic world? That's what we are all talking about. For female bloggers, it's very very hard to capture people's attention, because you HAVE to be pretty. That's how materialistic this world it. People will stay on a blog page for long when they see a pretty face staring at them but takes them a few seconds to just click the red button at the top right hand corner should they be greeted with a not so presentable face. 

It's first impression. When you see a pretty and angelic face, you're more likely to be engaged in whatever the person is writing or blogging. Even if they are typing rubbish, you wouldn't mind, in fact, you will enjoy reading whatever they blogged. 

Nonetheless, having fans or readers will also mean that you will have haters. Who don't? Even the most innocent have haters. 

Despite all these pretty girls working their ass off, slogging their guts out to present to us the best of their side to the world, people will still have things to pick on them. 

Here goes the list:

1) Putting On Make Up

Many ladies put on make up nowadays and it's weird if you don't. Even some guys do so. It's actually a sign that these ladies here are putting in effort, trying to improve and enhance on their looks. Nothing wrong with it. I know it may sound idiotic coming from me since I've picked on girls before because they put on makeup, but trust me, it's all last resort because in a moment of anger, especially when it involves people who were once close to you. 

But okay back to topic. You see, these ladies are putting in effort and we should really applaud them for that and not condemn. What do you guys or girls want? When they don't put on makeup, you say they are fucking ugly and too hideous to be seen. So they worked hard and tried on make up. 

Now they are so pretty and angelic looking, expecting better comments and feedbacks. But what did they get? THIS: OMG. She's so fake! Think she very pretty meh?! All make up one lo! Without them she look like shit!


Make up your mind people! You think there's really such things as Pure Beauty? #YOUSIAO
Even the so call flawless people on Earth have flaws. Even AngelaBaby. No matter how pretty one may be, there are bound to be flaws. Accept it. 

It's the way that we react to our flaws that matters most. Girls who put on makeup, shows that they are trying their best to look presentable. That's a positive point. Like people always say, there is no ugly girl in this world but only lazy ones. 

THAT'S SO FREAKING TRUE! Even the ugliest person on Earth can transform in a beauty! Have you all watched those Taiwan variety shows where ladies are asked to appear on the show with ZERO makeup and they are to put on makeup on the spot and the difference is so freaking big! 

Here are some of the videos:

Mad shocking right? But guess what? They look pretty after all that make up! They bother learning how to beautify themselves! That's more than enough said. 

Respect the ladies who do so to please your cheap, low-class, dog's naked eyes! 


In the blogsphere, we all have our very own Blogger Queen, XiaXue. If you all know her, she does PhotoShop her photos but she NEVER hides the fact about it. In fact, she actually told people about it and even TEACHES you all some nifty tricks of how she PS her photos!

So it's definitely NO secret that XiaXue actually photoshops her photos. What's more? Is there anything that's shameful about it? PS is just like another form of makeup, just that it's in digital form. Also, girls who photoshops their photos, I don't see any wrong in it. 

Yet there are always losers going around commenting on them, once again. Do you all have an issue with that? Take XiaXue as the amin example, if let's say people are to feel disgusted over her photoshopped photos as you all haters say, then why are her blog hits so high every single day? Why are there so many loyal readers from all over the world?

All of us have our own individual mind an opinions, so no one is manipulating anyone. If just by photoshop-ing photos or by putting on makeup, we can control other people's thoughts, then no need for government already la. Just ask them show on the television everyday or on those big screen of PS-ed pictures of themselves lo. 

Sounds retarded? Because this is how some people's mind work as they keep picking on female bloggers who put on makeup or PS their photos.

As such, it's really really really very hard for female bloggers to stand out among the crowd of bloggers. I remember there was once a past close friend of mine told me that:

 "It's never easy for girls to get famous, because you have to be freaking pretty. But for guys, no matter how you look, you just have to be funny. That's the big difference."

True enough if you all were to actually think about it. 

Despite saying that, looks of course, plays quite a big role. If a guy is attractive, no doubt that you will be an idol of many girls. But anything that comes after that, all the pure hard work also needs to be present. You may look good, but without the substance, you're just another himbo. 

I did mention all the time that in the blogsphere we have our very own male version of XiaXue, a male blogger who is really willing to stay up late till morning just to photoshop his photos and deliver awesome posts every now and then. And I'm actually glad that he's blogging more often now! 

He's none other than....

Our Prince Yutakis! 

He's definitely well known for his awesome camwhore skills! Not forgetting how he PS his photos right after that! Given his good looks, he also put in the extra effort and go the extra mile. He didn't just blog shit, random shits, instead he blogs with his sincere effort, wanting to present the best of his side to his readers. 

That's why even when he do not blog for months, he won't lose his followers or readers, because all of us (yes I am a fanboy of him too) knows that despite the long period that we have to wait, it will definitely be worth it. Time and time again it's been proven.

HOWEVER, there are just some others that don't really need looks to get famous. Like what my past close friends said "Guys just need to be funny". Girls love funny guys, one that can cheer them up through their actions or speech. Personally I find that it's kinda true. 

In terms of this I actually feel that somehow the guys are at a much more advantage as compared to female bloggers. Like I said, looks is definitely an important factor as it always creates the impression, the expectations in which your readers look forward to in reading your entries. 

But we should never forget the criticism in which female bloggers tend to get. It's definitely much more to deal with. Actually for guys one I don't really want to list down any names as I do not want any more drama actually. You all should get what I mean correct? Haha. 

Ultimately, no one said that being a blogger is easy but somehow I feel that the word "Blogger" is being used too frequently. People always say that I am a blogger, but trust me, I am nowhere near to being one. A blogger is not just a title because you blogged. It's actually like a prestigious kinda title, for those who are really accomplished in their entries.

No doubt, my blog have kinda grew over the years, be it in terms of sponsors or readership. Yet, I feel that there is still a lot more for me to seek for, a lot more to improve on and definitely, a lot more to learn from the seniors within the blogsphere. 

We are all blogging for a reason. It should not ALWAYS be about fame. I admit that I do seek for it at times due to the shiokness of being recognised on the streets. BUT you must always ask yourself the question "Why do you blog?" That keeps you going. Never forget back then, when you're a nobody, why do you blog?

Don't try too hard trying to blog like a professional blogger, or try stirring up shits with the high profiles one to gain hits. NEVER do that. That's not ethical, nor will your success be recognised. I may not be as influential and stuff but these are my words of advises and also what I really feel about the great obstacles which most female bloggers have to go through as compared to male bloggers.

Cheers and pursue your dreams the proper way people! Have a nice week ahead! 


  1. I don't like girls with make up too much. the natural is the nicest. hehe
    Please visit my blog :)

  2. i was referred to your blog, i am all for reading new blogs even if its someone who doesnt look good IF the post interest me. we all have our own opinion, but dude, your this post just sounds like you're boot licking. pardon me. just my 2 cents worth.

    1. Hi Miss K,

      Well as you said we all have our own opinions, so I cannot blame you or retaliate due to an opinion of yours. I respect it. But I don't even need to boot lick for that matter. It's just citing of examples and I was merely using examples to support a stand.

      That's just to clear up the misunderstanding. I don't do boot licking. And I don't need to. I despise that.

      Thanks anyway :)