Sunday, April 15, 2012


Don't you guys just hate it when some people try to fish for compliments or attention through what we call as degrading themselves, making themselves appear to be rather pitiful?

Hey, it's such MAJOR turnoff.

It's kind of understandable that through human's nature, there is this part within us, can be big or small, that urges for attention. But, never overdo it. Not to say that I'm very experienced over this kind of things but life just throws everything at you, regardless of your age. Being in the social media circle tends to speed up the cycle in fact.

There are actually few examples which can be listed down. Let's just slowly go through them one by one.

Let's start with the first scenario! Some people are freaking stunning already, be it they wear makeup or not etc. BUT, they die die wanna degrade themselves and make it sound as though they look damn horrendous!

Me: Hey you're so handsome/beautiful!!!
He/She: No la I am nowhere near to being handsome/beautiful! You see my face too sharp already, nose too big, eyes too small!
Me: Crazy arh! So shuai/chio already! Have confidence!
He/She: I HATE my looks...

Now now now, little boy or girl, you look freaking amazing already, why the fuck are you trying to degrade yourself? Do you actually have a fetish for slamming yourself? You do feel the jeez in insulting yourselves as though you're lying on the ground and being stepped over by the tons of people walking on the streets ya?

Yes, all of us do have our own expectations of how we want ourselves to look like. I am fine with you having your own opinions or thoughts because we are all entitled to that right. What's pissing me off will be that, with the agreement by hundreds of other people who are constantly tweeting you every minute or so telling you "Hey _____ you're so pretty already! Cheer up!" "Don't think too much! A lot of us want to have your looks also cannot!" and many more others, you are still constantly tweeting those emo shit tweets.

GOSH! If you are really not THAT pretty, people wouldn't even bother telling you to cheer up or have confidence. Back to the point when I mentioned about each and every single one of us having the rights to voice out our thoughts. You can definitely rebut me by saying that then why am I blogging about this now and complaining away, contradicting myself.

Reason being very simple: You're an attention-seeking whore/slut/geek/bastard/bitch.

You can reply to your followers/friends, telling them how not confident you are of your very own looks so on and so forth. However, if you were to do it on a very regular basis (maybe even more regular than you take a dump), you ought to start going for counselling session. Because oh dear boy/girl, you have major psychology issue.

Why would a normal person who's recognised by many, and acknowledged by the mass that they're freaking good looking, yet whenever they're super free, they will tweet shitty stuffs about how ugly they look?  #yousiao

That's ultimate attention-seeking whore. They keep going on and on the whole day telling the world how insecure they feel about their looks, despite the fact that many of them are replying with positive feedbacks. On top of that, they retweet those tweets that goes "No! You're so chio!" "I love to look like you! Have confidence" and whatsoever. So my analysis here is: If you already RT those people's tweets, means you're trying to show the world (or at least your followers) that people think you're chio. So why the hell are you still tweeting redundant tweets?!

You don't get it? I don't too. In conclusion, we can just say that these people are most probably addicted to compliments. Is like they know that if they were to tweet negative stuffs about themselves, lots of people will actually @ mention them with many nice fangirl/fanboy words! In order to show us nonsensical people who blogs (don't even dare call ourself blogger ok?), that they are much more superior or famous. Like hello? We are not even interested in trying to pit ourselves against you in the first place, gosh.

Save your effort la ok? Thanks.

Since we are on the topic about trying to gain attention ya, let's talk about the recent majorly used hastag, #foreveralone, on Twitter. A lot of people, especially girls I have to say, are constantly tweeting things like "Now is raining, how I wish I have someone here with me... #foreveralone" Like seriously?

You're so sure that you're forever alone? It's totally an overused trend! Just because you don't have a girlfriend or boyfriend, doesn't imply that your life is sad or that you're forever alone, in fact no one states that you need a partner in order to be happy. Also, by telling others how lonely you are, you might actually be repelling the very thing that you want because self-pity is NOT ATTRACTIVE to others.

You trying to say that just because you don't have a Valentine's Day date or that you've no partner, that makes you forever alone? What about those people around you? Your parents? Your friends? All transparent eh? Cooooool~

And indeed, through your process of self-pity to gain more attention to yourself, you got what you want but too bad it's NEGATIVE attention. Simply because people are just gonna talk about you behind your back about how irritating you are trying to gain sympathy. Most of us are not really turned off by the fact that you're saying forever alone because human do feel lonely at times. But when something is overused, it has adverse effects, and poof, you got it.

Get this right, tweeting that you're #foreveralone on Twitter or FaceBook everyday doesn't help you in getting a partner. If you want to get one, ask yourself why and change. If posting such things helps us to get partner, i can jolly well just open a matchmaking session (in fact there is no session involved) and just help people to tweet #foreveralone and they can get a partner, I would've earned big bucks by now!

Face it boy/girl, if there is seriously no one going after you, it can be two possible reasons 1) The right one just haven't appear yet or 2) Your character sucks so badly that it's turning everyone off. Mostly I would sat that it's reason 1 and yet knowing deep in my heart that it's because of reason 2. Haha, I know I'm a jerk.

There is so much things we can sought after in this world. Why must we focus so much on the non-monetary subjects? Yes indeed, there are times it can make us smile or even bring happiness. But, how long can it last? If it is at the expense of something else which could seem to much more precious, do you think it's worth it?

Learn to live life the simpler way. Many happiness are attained as such. It's the simple things in life which makes everyone's extraordinary and unique. Cherish everything by your side. What's yours will be yours.

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  1. Hello Ben! First time I'm commenting here :P and yes I agree with your post. I am guilty sometimes of what you've said, but I am glad I don't do it all the time. It really frustrates me when I try to cheer people up and they keep putting themselves down, makes me wanna give up. :/

    And yep, it is annoying when they keep degrading themselves and listing all the imperfect things about themselves. I mean no one's perfect anyway, there must be something about ourselves that we dislike. No one is made perfect, and likewise our imperfections make us who we are. :)