Sunday, April 8, 2012

Section's Outing And Clubbing !

It's been 31 days since my enlistment to Tekong! And I got to say that like what Edward told me before, army really will change a person, a lot. Personally, I can really feel the change in me, kinda adapted the relatively mature way of thinking, which makes life so much easier.

So anyway, went out two outings for two consecutive weeks with my bunk mates! They are really a bunch of very nice peeps, they really do take great care of me and we all are like real brothers (except for one I guess) who go through everything together.

We decided to dine at Wang Jiao HK Cafe to celebrate the birthday of those March babies! Too bad my buddy, Jarron was not there :( His birthday is like one day after mine! HAHA, such coincidence, and another bunk mate's birthday is like EXACTLY SAME DAY as me. LOL!

 This is Keon bro! He is also from TPJC, saw him before but never talk at all. Now we are damn close la! 

 The lao jiao (old bird, means experienced) Lester and Ken, Naked Man in our platoon :p 

You all wanna listen to some stories about army right? Here we do have one, and it involves Ken from the above picture. So on the exact same week's Friday morning, around 4am, Ken suddenly came to my bed and woke me up. I was damn shock la, I mean like so early then you see someone sitting on your bed and waking you up.

So I woke up and he told me this:
 "Hey Ben, sorry leh I wake you up but I got something to tell you" 
"What eh?"
"Yesterday training at stadium I wanna go to the toilet but the sir gave me very little time and the toilet was very packed, so I pee into the drain, but I forget to say jio siam (means something like excuse me). Then just now I went to toilet alone, a small kid was standing down there and he asked me to burn some joss paper to him because I pee onto him yesterday"

I tell you, I was awoken instantly. LIKE WTF?! He met a small kid in Tekong! Means something is wrong liao la. Then after that I told him to go tell our sergeant, and obviously being the one awake, I went with him to find them. The whole place was so quiet la and eerie to be honest, especially at this kinda moment -.- 

To cut it short, we didn't actually manage to find the sergeant we wanted to find so we went back to our company line. And just when we were about to reach he told me this "You saw the empty chair just now right? (And I nodded my head) There was "someone" sitting on it just now, he was there."

I WAS LIKE WTF?!?!?!??!?! But obviously cannot say anything what! I don't want the thing to follow me back to the bunk and sit on my bed or anything man so I just kept quiet. 

Gosh, seriously damn scary at that point of time. And being the freaking timid me, I've no idea where I got the courage to follow him ALONE and go around. 


Ok, so back to our outing, I manage to find guys who dare to camwhore with me :p I thought like army guys usually won't do it because they find it gay or whatsoever. But heng my bunk mates dare to camwhore! HAHA. And they all somehow came to know about the existence of my blog :) Then they always call me BenVoda now in camp LOL!

 As usual, Iced Yuan Yang!

After the meal, we decided to dead down to town for some retail therapy! But before we do so, Aaron brought us to this cafe at Wheelock, I've forgotten the name of the cafe though, for some chilling session. He used to work there I guess, but the atmosphere is very nice and seriously good for chilling with friends!

 There you go, an unglam photo of me PLUS I'm botak! HAHA!

 This is the handsome Aaron! 

 Lester and I! HAHA!

 This fries with some cheese topping is mad heavenly!!!! LOVE IT MAX!!! MUST TRY!

 Our drinks which looks damn expensive, but they are only at $7 each eh! 

 My Iced Mocha! Damn nice the fragrance and the taste of it. 

After that we went to ION Orchard for some shopping with Ben Soh and Ken! I bought a lot of stuffs, none for me though, for my family, grandmothers etc even for my maid okay! HAHA. So my pay kinda gone on that day itself hee hee :p

Then just yesterday, we all met up again for another outing! People from other section asked us we not sian meh, 5 days a week see each other, live together liao, weekend still meet. Haha, kinda true but personally I really like the companion by them :) 

We wanted to fine at Shiseiki (or however you spell it), but we were kinda late when we arrived so we missed the buffet lunch period. Thus, we headed to T.G.I.F which is a very nice place for drinks, and the fod are yummy too!

 KEN AGAIN HAHA! We planned to give him a makeover on that very day itself cos of his fashion!

 Sizzling Cheesy Chicken! Yummy yummy! 

 A transformation of Ken! Same design of top but he looks very different! 

We headed to Cineleisure's Volta after that to choose some clothes too because there was a SALES going on! I love Volta now because of someone :) And Ken bought quite a number of new clothes from there too! Totally major change in image man! The rest of us, Jarron (my buddy), Aaron, Ben Soh and I bought clothes too! Totally cannot miss it! 

Later that night, cousin Linda and I went clubbing and we brought my parents and one aunt along with us!

 HAHA my aunt who have not went to St.James before looking so excited eh?

 I know my aunt's eyes are closed, but hell my cousin and I look good ehre so ya :p Selfish me haha! 

Ending the post abruptly, as usual, with a photo of me taken in Vivo after clubbing, at around 4am :D

Do look forward to some other posts that are coming up, which consists of a camera review and maybe some updates of the recent saga that has been going on, and what I really think about it from my perspective. Definitely more matured way of thinking, because I kinda find some issues to be plain stupid and childish. Ultimate display of the ugly side of human, to achieve what they want. 

Plain disgusted. But that shall come later :) This is a happy post! So do tell me what you want me to update about too! Since now I can only blog once a week! Muacks to all! 

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