Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's The Hype Now?

It seems like this time round, I've gotten myself some new baby gadgets to play around with again! Special thanks to both Omy.sg and Casio for sponsoring this Exilim TR150 camera for me to review on. Previously, I've heard quite a few good feedbacks about this camera and I am gonna do a very short introduction on this gadget since I've yet to fully get the hang of it.

Here it is, the main lead of this blog post, the Exilim TR150:

The Exilim TR150 comes in 3 available colors (White, Pink and Red) and I managed to got myself a white one, which seems to be very classy and clean. So, it's already a love at first sight kind of thing. The retail price of the Exilim TR150 is $449.

At first glance, you will actually think that it is a phone, which many of my friends actually thought it was a mobile phone, until I told them that it's actually a camera. Well, they were as shocked as I was when I first saw the design of it. With that, I got to applaud and say that Casio did a fantastic job in terms of its design.

Janet from Omy actually showed me some of the features of this camera and I find it to be very user friendly yet it is equipped with amazing functions. However today I am going to just do a so call sneak preview of this camera, before I go into the different functions of it in my next post. I will also include photos taken by it, so do keep a look out by then!

As for now, you can see in the above picture that we can actually flip the screen out and we will have it standing upright. In fact, we can adjust it to any angle we are comfortable with so as to capture the most beautiful moment. 

Not only that, flipping the screen 360 degrees is no longer an issue as well! You can shoot your target objects at all angles now! What is impossible right now? NOTHING. Any camwhores out there like me? This could actually be an ideal camera for you people to invest in, should you want to get a "camwhore-designed" camera, yet at an affordable price!

Needless to say, the plus point of this camera is that it's relatively compact and like I said, it's really has the appearance and size of a mobile phone! So it's very easy to carry around and it's light too! Definitely an ideal choice for girls, not excluding the guys!


Guess what? You, my dear readers, will actually stand a chance to win yourself a set of the Exilim TR150 camera! Yes! It can be yours with just a few simple steps! So open up your eyes and look at my instructions!
1. Visit the Official Casio Exilim Singapore Facebook page HERE 

2. Click on the link being provided on the FB page that states "You Wish" contest!
If you cannot find it, Click HERE

3. In less than 250 words, tell Casio Exilim Singapore why do you deserve to win a BRAND NEW SET of the Exilim TR150! 
The contests starts on the 9 April 2012, which means it's already started! What are you waiting for?! 

From 9-22 April 2012, the shortlisted entries with the highest number of votes, will stand to win yourself a brand new set of the Exilim TR150 camera! 

Not forgetting the voters,

from 23 April - 6 May 2012, just vote for the Best Wish and based on a random selection, one lucky winner will be able to bring home a BRAND NEW set of the Exilim TR150 as well! 

For more detials, do visit their Official Facebook Page and for more dtials on the Exilim TR150, you can visit their official website HERE  

Do remember to check out my next blog post, showcasing to you all the awesome functions of the Exilim TR150! Till then, do join in the competition! Who knows, you might just walk away with one set of the camera! Good luck!

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