Thursday, May 24, 2012

Family's Relaxing Session~

It was very nice of Cousin Gina to actually invite my family and I to Crowne Plaza Hotel right at the Changi Airport's Terminal 3 last week. I was not feeling very well and in fact my back has been hurting a lot recently right after my enlistment. Erm, I will talk about that another time :)

So I prepared my trunks and intend to actually take a dip in the pool and just stay inside. Afterall the weather is so humid and I can't swim due to my backache but ohwell, just staying in the water is more than enough for me :)

If you remember previously I actually visited this hotel before because I was attending a food tasting session for the Chinese New Year season. The experience is definitely different because back then I was just being showed around the rooms and the facilities. Haha and now I am being able to use the pool and slack in the room haha.

Ok, enough said and here are the picture!

My daddy dipping in the pool :p

Cousin Gina and my mummy!

Just tell me that I can now just do without a camera and iPhone! So chio lo the photo after editing!

Boohooo :( The stitch cover I showed previously, the ear is dropping off!!!

Inside the bathroom! Haha, look at the trunks behind the picture :p

Dinner was right at POPEYE'S! (All photos from here onwards are taken using my iPhone!) Erm, actually I don't find it very nice, I would actually prefer KFC or Texas Chicken! But the coleslaw was yummy though.

Yummy Cheese Fries!!!!!! GOSH CAN SALIVATE NOW!
That kinda concluded our night there because we didn't stay over and don't want to disturb my cousin's family time. It was still relaxing though because we spent one whole afternoon there. Sometimes we do need such bonding session with our relatives despite our busy every-schedule or even when we are attached to anyone.

Because ultimately, your family will be the one standing beside you at the end of the day :)

Below are just some photos I've taken and would like to share share with you all~

There is this shop right beside the Macs outside People's Park Complex selling small tiny cute breads!
What's more is that they are mad yummy and relatively cheap! Go try them out now!! Soft and yummy~

All time favortite cartoon character, ShinChan! Got this EZ-Link sticker!!! SO CUTE RIGHT?!
Cuteness overload for next 3 pictures!!! I will be showing my Baby Cousin Vera's photo!!! Mad cute luh!!!!

She is crawling on my mattress at my grandma's place! I use to sleep on it when I was young!! HAHA.

"Yes, what do you want from me?" LOL!!!

"Bye bye! Hope to see you all again on my Cousin Ben's blog!!! Hee hee"

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  1. It’s a beautiful shot.simple but full of meaning, zen photography .. I really like this.