Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rounding Off My Trip~

Took me months to just blog about my trip to Korea and Shanghai but I am definitely MUCH MORE efficient this time round compared to my Japan trip (which I haven't even finish blogging) LOL!

So anyway I'm noting down my last day in Korea, spent in Jeju Island, and off to 2 days in Shanghai before heading back to Singapore. Woke up early in the morning to this peaceful and real windy Jeju Island, totally perfect for retirement.

We were brought to this Mysterious Road of Jeju Island where one part of the road, you don't have to on the engine of the car, yet it will automatically move up the hill. Yes, up the hill. It's up to you guys to go and break the mystery of this! Quite amazing though haha!

How can I forget about getting some road stall's snacks :p

Then we were being brought to this place where we were taught on how to make our very own kimchi. It's kinda stupid in my opinion because we all know that making kimchi is not a very easy process. It requires a lot of difficult steps and it takes hell lots of time to be fermented.

But the one we were being taught was simply that we were given cabbage, then a sauce was being provided  to us to spread onto the cabbage. And POOF! Kimchi done -___-"

But nonetheless, still enjoy la. Gosh, contradicting bastard I am. HAHA.

Then right outside the kitchen where we made Kimchi, we were given the opportunity to pick the costume we like and dress in traditional Korean costumes!

Ok, I know that the shoes are not matching but heck! Anyway, see the top that my dad is wearing? I WAS SUPPOSE TO WEAR THAT! Then the stupid lady tell me that it's too big for me, pft! And froma  General, I've actually turned into a normal peasant, handsome one la, right? HAHA.

A group photo together before leaving for Shanghai at Jeju's Airprt.
This is the tour guide which brought us around Korea for the whole 6 days!
My boarding ticket to Shanghai~

After reaching Shanghai, we took around 2 hours to reach this location, Cheng Huang Temple, where there are lots of things to shop and lots of small stalls selling nice delicacies! We were all recommended to go to this certain restaurant which was said to serve very nice xiao long baos! 

TADAH! We ordered around 4 baskets of them :)
But apparently.......it doesn't taste good at all... LOL. So much for being famous.

I swear this is very yummy!!! It's not very sweet and it's very very addictive! You just keep munching on it!

We retired back to the hotel and next day we were being brought around Shanghai for some sightseeing and to learn more about some of the history etc. which I don't really remember anymore. But ohwell the photos are more than enough for me.

Those white particles you see are actually small ice dropping down from the sky!!! Cool right?!

This is some peanut delicacy from the roadside stall! Damn yummy and it's only SGD$2!

In China, on every meal there will be a bottle of soft drink and a bottle of beer on the table!

Went to watch this circus performance and hell they were so amazing! Too bad no photography allowed :(

Last night in Shanghai before heading back to Singapore! Wanted to find some shopping or basically anything to shop near our hotel's location but apparently, there is nothing -.- So we only managed to find this small shop nearby which serves hotpot and some tim sum and we ended up having some late night supper!

And the next day, we headed right back for Singapore! I must say that this trip has been so fruitful. It has been so long since my last trip to Korea, the previous time I went was when I'm around primary 1 or so? So everything seems very different to me now, maybe due to the different perspectives of things I have now as compared to when I am a kid.

As for Shanghai, definitely it is also an eye opener because I've never expected China to be so modernized already. Previously when I went to China, it was kind of a bad experience, which I won't bother elaborating on it.

Definitely nice memories being created before I enlist into the army! Looking forward to my next trip overseas! Hope...I really hope it can be realised... Please...

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