Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Should Be The Title?!

Seriously, I am starting to get headache just from thinking of what title to place for each Blog Post!!!! Because I am just blogging about my life's activities here and there, which I think what blogs should be (at least for lifestyle blogs).

If your blog is full of advertorials of events, then no point ya? Hee hee. 

I took this photo while I was on car going for lunch before my MRI Scan~

Cute socks which Fenny bought for us back then when she visited HK for the first time! CUTE!

After my MRI scan at this clinic or hospital near Orchard, mummy and I went to Somerset for some dessert because she was complaining of leg aches and the weather was hot!!! Damn the weather is getting more ridiculous as though it has PMS lo haha!

Went to this Dessert shop which Vivo has it too!!!
Yummy green tea ice cream with red bean paste & mochi!

Mummy's Mango Sago With Pomelo~ Sweet and sour taste infused together!

After that I brought mummy for a haircut at Shunji Matsuo, I thought that it will be great to change my mum's hairstyle. We sat inside for near to 2 hours and my mum came out with a hairstyle that seems so normal and no much difference. Well, guess not all expensive salons gurantee quality outcomes eh?

I am not trying to defame them eh. just speaking from experience because I do see people with very nice hairstyles coming out from that salon. So do head down to try if you're interested! It's right outside UNIQLO only :)

Later that evening, I met up with the gang after SOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOOONG! Miss them so so much!!! Decided on having dinner at Holland Village's Everything With Fries! The atmosphere is very very nice and the whole ambience is just so different!

Totally worth the trip down!

Nutella Shake! It's so thick that we couldn't finish it lo! 

A relatively more artistic shot of the Nutella Shake~

My Ham and Cheese sandwhich with Curry Fries! Mad love this! 

Went to chilled at Starbucks after Fenny left us. We definitely had lots of fun chatting since dinner till the time we left each other for our homes. It's definitely been long, and I must say that the whole night was filled with laughter over V-shape and broccoli HAHA! Mad funny and whenever I see a broccoli now sure laugh one!

It is very heartwarming to know that you've a bunch of very close friends always beside you, be it at your highest or lowest point in life! Hope we can maintain this friendship forever and till ever~ Hearts!!!!

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