Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BASIC13: Our First Call. Your First Choice

Hi everyone! I am here to launch the very FIRST collection of BASIC13 to you beautiful girls and handsome boys out there! Basically this is a joint venture and I am very proud to be part of it! Now I will list down the items that are available for your purchase on my blog first, while BASIC13's blog is still under construction.

Haha, that's how eager we are to launch our collection! Hope you all love it and will support me! 
Let's take a look at the items now!

Code 1300: See-Through Overlapped Top
Available Colors: White and Red
Price: $13.00

Code 1301: Sweet Girl Basic Top
Colors Available: Cream White, Black, Dark Blue, Pink and Greenish Blue
Price: $15.00

Code 1302: Floral Laced Dress
Available Colors: Blue
Price: $18.00

 Code 1303: Ruffled Basic Top
Available Colors: Light Green
Price: $15.00

Code 1304: Stripped Mesh Blouse 
Available Colors: Black
Price: $15.00

Code 1305: Vintage Bird Print Blouse
Available Colors: Green and Beige 
Price: $18.00

Code 1306: Little Girl's Dream
Available Colors: Orange
Price: $13.00

Code 1307: Messed Up Checkers 
Available Colors: Red and Black
Price: $15.00

 Code 1308: Wild Leopard 
Available Colors: Beige and Orange
Price: $18.00

Code 1309: Leopard's Elegance 
Available Colors: Light Beige and dark blue
Price: $18.00

Code 1310: Leopard's Outerwear 
Available Colors: Brown and Grey
Price: $18.00

Code 1311: Little Princess's Blouse 
Available Colors: Pink and White 
Price: $15.00

Code 1312: Black On White
Available Colors: White (one inner tube wear provided)
Price: $18.00

Code 1313: Cocktail's Fantasy 
Available Colors: Grey
Price: $28.00

 Code 1314: Sexy Cross-back  
Available Colors: Pink, Dark Blue and Black
Price: $18.00

Code 1315: Bed Of Flowers
Available Colors: Green
Price: $18.00

 Code 1316: Girl's High Tea
Available Colors: Sea Blue, Light Green, Dark Blue and Bright Pink
Price: $28.00

 Code 1317: Athena's Dream 
Available Colors: Brown 
Price: $20.00

Code 1318: Elegance Go Wild
Available Colors: Pink
Price: $25.00

Code 1319: Mario's Sister 
Available Colors: Light Beige (white tube not included)
Price: $18.00

 Code 1320: Warrior's High Waist Skirt
Available Colors: Brown 
Price: $18.00

Hope there are some items which have caught your attention! So how do you place your orders?! Very simple!

Simply take note of the code number of the item and then email to:

It's just that easy! However for all shops, there is definitely Terms and Conditions. Here are ours:

Your order will not be processed unless payments have been successfully received by us. Once payment has been received, we will get your orders prepared and to be sent to you in the shortest time possible. Available instocks will be given to customers on a first come first serve basis. In any case when the instocks are unavailable, customers will be placed on the waiting list while backorders are being processed. 

Should there be any case of out of stocks, a full refund will be made to the customers. Purchases must be paid in full at the point of purchase no deposits, changes of order or reserves are allowed. 

Instocks will be sent out within 48 hours. We are not responsible for any delays in orders due to custom inspection or clearance. BASIC13 provides both normal postage as well as registered mail, based on the consumers' preferences. However, registered mail is recommended on our part and do take note that BASIC13 is not responsible for any loss of mails.

Do email us at basicthirteen@hotmail.com for any further enquiries.

BASIC13 do not allow any forms of returns or exchanges unless in the case where there is defects or wrong orders being delivered.
In the case of wrong orders or defects in goods, do kindly notify us ONLY through email within 3 days upon  receiving the purchase.
Purchases that are to be exchanged should be returned to us within 7 days. Refunds will then be made to you as soon as we received back the items.

The colors may vary when you receive the goods because each and every single one of our computer's have different settings, thus we are unable to ensure that you will be getting 100% exactly the same as what you see. There might be slight disparity in terms of color.

All clothes here are free size. However, in any case when you are unsure of the measurements, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

BASIC13 values our customers' feedbacks, so feel free to drop us any comments about our service or goods to basicthirteen@hotmail.com so that we may improve ourselves.

Lastly, do kindly LIKE our FaceBook page: http://www.facebook.com/basicthirteen
And also do follow us on our Twitter for updates for any sales or new instocks: www.twitter.com/BasicThirteen

Thank you very much!!!

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