Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Penny For Thoughts

There are simply too many things on this Earth which are unexplained. Or rather we can just say that it's because we don't really understand the situation well to explain it. One example, real simple and lame one will be that: Does chick comes first or egg?

Till today, nobody can actually give a very direct and accurate answer to a question as common as this. We all do know that eggs has to be present before a chick is hatched. On the other hand, we also need a chicken (or rather, hen) to be there before an egg could be laid. We can't explain this and have an exact definite answer to it. Do we not understand it enough? No, we just did state out the sciences that we know about the relationship between eggs and chicks.

Here's another option then. Could it just be that we do not want an answer to it?

Let me tell you, this applies to our life.

Like some say, there is always a solution to every problem and an answer to every single doubt. Is that really so? Then, why at time, at some point in our life, we just simply cannot untie all the knots that's tangled in our heart or mind?

We all have that one friend, or maybe a group of them, when we can't get over with. Let's just face it. No matter how hard we try to hate them or forget them or even bitch about them, we can NEVER get over them. That is a dead knot. But did anyone say that we can't untie it? We can.

Ultimately it boils down to "Do you want the answer?"

More than often not, we actually think of only ALL the bad things that has happened between us and the other party. What about the good old times? It doesn't mean anything to you at all? Did it not happen at all? In the moment of anger, we lost our logical sane mind. It's all about "You did this to me....!" and "You did that to me....!"

Pause for a moment now if you are reading this and ask yourself, "What happened to all the 'We did this together....' moments"?

We can all go "F**K THIS SHIT!" But we are only just avoiding the main issue and at the end of the day, nothing is solved at all.  We continue to pick on the other party. be it big or small, we just like to magnify every single thing that we can pick on. That's human nature. We are made of feelings. Maybe what we called as "Jealousy".

Does it really solve the issue? No it definitely doesn't at all. It just make things worst. Humans are indeed the most difficult thing in this world to understand. There is always two sides to all the stories. For Cinderella, she might have a happy ending with the Prince, but the step sisters are gonna be so freaking sad because they are not the "chosen one". We might survive in an accident but it could also lead to the death of others involved.

It all boils down to perspective. However, at that split moment of heated argument, it seems as though that parallel lines actually do meet. You both are now harping on each other's wrongs. Nothing else fills your mind.

Every issue awaits a conclusion. It does. If things has come to the stage whereby it is really hard to salvage and it could be so taxing that you're real tired of everything. It is actually a signal for you to stop caring so much.

Because the more we find out about things, the more we are hurt.

This is actually a nice quote:

And what someone always tell me "You will not be strong, unless being strong is the only option left"

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