Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sales Sales!

My wardrobe has been piling up, actually not piling up since all the clothes are hanged. Anyway, I am trying to sell off some of my clothes. They are either worn once or never worn at all, which means they are BRAND NEW.

So here are some of the apparels and I hope you all will help buy HAHA!

Black Sleeveless Vest- $20 (SOLD)
I got this from Korea and I've not worn it at all! Brand new piece!!!!

Silver Party Jacket- $15
I've worn this for one time during SDD's event last year!

Leopard Print Top- $10

Elephant Pullover (Brand New)- $15

Bar Code Tee- $10 (Small Size!)

Designed Green Tee- $10

Rolling Stones Tee with studded beads- $10

Baby Milo Ape tee- $15

Skull Designed White Top- $10

If you are interested in any of the above items, you can drop me an email at: benvoda@hotmail.com

The prices are non-negotiable because the item's original prices actually cost more than those I've listed. SO do hope that you all can understand! Do hope you all will buy some from me! HAHA!

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