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What's In My Cupboard? (PART 1)

Note: I've no freaking idea why the photos shrunk in size -.-

It's been quite some time since I blog about my personal life other than those posts about me going blah blah blah to nom on those sinful food (but yummy!).

So, a lot of girls actually do videos or even blog posts such as "What's In My Makeup Pouch?" but obviously I don't really have any makeups to be placed in any makeup pouch. So I am going to do another version known as "What's In My Cupboard", showing you what do my cupboard actually looks like and what I place in it. In some other time, maybe I will do a blog posts about a tour around my room, We'll see!

Here goes!

Today I will be showing you only like the left half of my cupboard thus you see the PART 1 titled this post. My whole wardrobe actually fills up the space from the floor to the ceiling so it's actually quite big so I got lots of storage spaces. Thus, today's blogpost consists only like a small small part of the whole thing!

The left half of my cupboard mainly comprises of my face and hair products and some other cosmetics merchandises. At the front, you can see that I have my contact lenses.

I only wear normal contact lenses because I have Astigmatism. This is my fav brand all time!!!

Because they are disposable, so whenever I travel I will place my contact lens in this Spongebob box!

This Egg Soap Special Set, I got it from Korea back then in February. Korea is like real famous for all their facial products like masks etc. And this item is actually like one of the hot sellers so I thought why not get it? Plus it has 4 different soaps to counter many facial problems and prevent them such as anti-aging, acne etc.

Aren't they cute? And yes, I haven't even use any single one of them -.-

Alright! Next I will be introducing to you my whole tray of organised products which I use on a daily basis. As you can see, there are so many products, I simply have to organise them properly, cannot stand the sight of them being placed all over the place!

Now, I shall start from the left to the right of the organiser box:

First, I will be introducing my HAIR PRODUCTS that I used previously when I still have my hair!!! LOL!

This is definitely my personal favorite hairspray of all time! Because it hardens your hairstyle but not your hair. This means that it's good that we get to keep our hairstyle for the whole day and we don't need to undergo those horrible experiences of our hair being hardened. It's so hard to wash off at the end of the day!

This is another hairspray which I hardly use because it is liquid hairspray and it REALLY hardens your hair and the hairstyle doesn't stay there for the whole day at all. Thus, not very highly recommended though.

This has got to be the most fabulous hair product. It is like a hair essence formula by SHISEIDO! 
It makes your hair real smooth and natural looking! Should totally use on a daily basis people!

I've shown these two products to you people before on my hauls from DAISO, $2 each! Hardly use them.

Moving on, I'll show you my facial wash products. Quite a proud collection of mine! Haha! 

TADAH! THAT'S A LOT!! And, some of them I didn't even unwrap them yet LOL!
To put it simply, I love buying all these facial wash products. Think I'm addicted haha. 

KIEHL's facial fuel for the guys! I got this from HK last year! I guess everyone should know how good KIEHL's products are till date. However some times their prices are a bit pricey and I can't bear to part with my money! Lol, such as miser but fortunately I got it at HK which is cheaper by quite a lot eh! $.$

No matter how good other products are, my ultimately love will forever be this Acne Solution Foam Cleansing from THEFACESHOP! I used it since I was secondary 2, from their old packaging to the new one you see above! It's really very good! Your face will REALLY be squeaky clean!! 
Try this now!!! I wasn't paid to advertise but it's god damn good! 

This range of charcoal products from DAISO, I believe all of you have heard it before! It's effects are not that bad but notpersonally I wouldn't use it daily but more on like a weekly basis. 

Got this some time back and I remember only using it once for a camp and I didn't touch it after! LOL sad!

Up next I will be showing you guys some of my favorite and VERY GOOD products that I guess we all should use, especially for the guys, OK, mainly for the guys and boys since it's male products that I'm showing. But still, if you're convinced you can buy for your bfs right if you're a girl HAHA.

This is a moisturiser which I've used for 2 years back then by BioEssence. It's not very oily on your skin after application which makes it desired by me because I simply HATE oily products applied on skin! Instead I guess it's so good that your skin actually absorbs the water content so well that your face is not very wet or oily. Definitely a good choice for guys, easy to use and apply. And it's plastic packaging makes it easy to bring around for travelling, yet is looks presentable too! 

NOW NOW NOW! I am going to show you my recent buy yet, it's made its way up to the TOP of my favorite lists!!!! I am actually using it EVERYDAY without fail, except when I'm in camp.

Presenting to you.......

NEO CLASSIC HOMME brought to you by THEFACESHOP!!!!!!

I got to admit that THEFACESHOP really provides the consumer with wide range of products! This series for the guys is good! There are two types, mainly for moisturising or the other is for whitening. Yes, there is also whitening products for guys! Both of the series smells real good, I swear, and effective in uses, and the packaging is real modern and expensive looking!!! All these just for the price of $29.90 each and now there is GSS!!!! MORE DISCOUNT! GOSH!

I got myself the moisturising series because my skin tends to be very dry all the time. 

This is the ENER-SURGE TONER and it smells like perfume. And when you apply onto your skin you actually can still smell the scent of it. Toner and moisturiser are like the most basic face products we all should use regardless of we are boys or girls. Admit it, we all want chio faces and not cui ones! 

And this is the ENR-SURGE EMULSION, simply put it is the moisturiser, to be used after the toner!

After I got these two products, I am so motivated to use them everyday, twice a day, after I've washed and cleaned my face. How awesome can THEFACESHOP be? I mean see, I use their acne wash and right after that, I use these two products! I, myself, find that with the great packaging, it actually motivates me to use them. Maybe I'm weird but that's how I feel. With the affordable price, there is no longer anymore reasons for guys to not take care of their very own face now.

Not saying that I have very good looking face, but come on, at least I put in the effort to take care ya? LOL.

These three products are for photoshoots purposes (from left to right): STAGE liquid concealer, NUTEEN acne away gel and ETUDE HOUSE stick conealer.

Some times I actually have to do some photoshoots, be it in my own home for blogging purposes or being hired by companies etc, so back then one of the photographer told me that this STAGE concealer is actually quite good as it gives you good coverage. On top of that, because it is picture perfect, so when you have a shoot, your face actually looks much better concealed and flawless.

I hardly use on daily basis like when going out, because I am afraid that it will clog up my pores after using too much. Scared later pimple outbreak also. HAHA.

This is just another version of the concealer, which is a stick concealer. It is actually powder version but I don't really like it because powder concealer tends to have residue on your face and for guys using it, your face will appear to be like whitened. Too whitened and not natural looking. Use it for highlighting will be good, I guess. 

This NUTEEN acne gel is actually introduced to me by my cousin. It's REAL effective! It has green tea essence in it and it works real well for me because when I have pimples (worst is before a shoot next day), I will apply this on my pimple and the next day when i wake up, the pimple will either shrink in size or the redness is practically gone! It's that good! Try it alright?! 
We all do get dark circles especially teenagers like us who always sleep very late which leads to the formation of dark eye circles. OLAY's White Radiance Eye Serum is quite good. Such a small stick can lasts me around 6 months and I used it DAILY too. You just have to use a small amount of it and pat it under your eyelid. Over time you can actually see results of your dark eye circle being lightened!

This is actually an old toner which I used previously. But I don't really find it to be any useful to my skin thus, I've actually stopped using it and changed to using THEFACESHOP's products instead :)

I got these two Milk Hand Cream from Korea as well! 1 for $3+ only! Mad cheap and it really smells like milk when applied onto skin! I love it that I will always use it before sleeping. Hello! guys also need to maintain ok? HAHA. 

Lastly we've come to the section of making on smells good! Now I am only left with these two, mainly the ADIDAS Pure Lightness deodorant which I will used when I go gyming or after tanning, more towards the sports segment.

The normal toilette which I used is "ICEBERG TWICE"! I use to won quite a number of toilette, giving me lots of choices (eg. DUNHILL, ETERNITY and DKNY) which to use for each day but now I am left with this bottle -.-

I seriously have no idea why people have no idea what "ICEBERG" is?! Even my partner thinks that it is some zhar ba lang (random) brand lo. No, brandless is what other people think it is. This brand has been in the industry for at least 15 years because when I was young, my uncle was already using it! It's made in Italy for god sake!

For guys who want long lasting cologne and those strong smell ones, this is for you! It doesn't smell too strong to the extent you can't breathe but it can definitely last you for one whole day and still smell it lingering around your clothes.


Ok! I've done showing you what's in my cupboard! It's only half a section of my one portion out of the many portions! Haha sounds like some riddle eh :p

If you all have any questions like where I buy certain product, do kindly drop me a comment and I'll definitely tell you ^^ Cheers! School is reopening soon, jia you and work hard people!!! And those working,  work hard and play hard during the weekend!

Let me give you a quote:

Everyday May Not Be Good But There Is Something Good In Everyday 

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