Sunday, July 1, 2012

Catching Up With The Attached Girl

Finally I get to meet this fellow cousin of mine after so so loooooong! Aiyo, she's been rather busy with her attachment and also her bf luh (woo her for 2 years leh!)~ And I am busy with my army life also. We met just the other day when she text me and told me that she wants to treat me to a meal because she's been working. So, my mum and I went to Toa Payoh to meet her and her mum as well. 

She treated us to this Japanese-Italian restaurant known as "Saizeriya".  I remembered it was Christina and Miyo who brought me there before, the outlet at Liang Court before we head to our Sensodyne event! 

We ate whole table of food, like really whole table (sorry the pictures are not very nice thus I am not posting them up) of them, and it only costs us like $50+?! WOW! Damn worth it okay! Right after that, we head off to sing K at Fusion KTV at Bugis!!! Been such a long time since I went to K!

Of course we will camwhore like siao, especially after so long since we go crazy together~~~~~
Somehow the whole room looks very vintage, which is my favorite, and photos taken in Black and White just looks so beautiful!!!!

Love the side burn although I am in army! HAHA.

I like this picture a lot somehow! Just look at the vintage wall! This is self taken leh! Pro not me?!

I asked her to do a very artsy fartsy kind of picture by caressing the wall and this is what she gave me -__-"

And she gave up and tried camwhoring LOL!

Now compare my camwhoring skills to hers! WUAHAHAHAHA!

Got to admit I fail the act cool look here. Admire guys who can pull off those cool looks lo!

She told me she wants to have slimmer face after numerous shots and this is what she did. LOL!

Just short update on my army life: I will actually be posted to Commanado from tomorrow onwards, that actually means I am out of Tekong also. Actually Tekong has lots of memories to me. 4 months together with the whole bunch of brothers I have. They will forever be my brothers. I will never forget all the time we spent together and going against all odds to strive for the best!

Eagle company Platoon 4 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ending the post abruptly with a retartedly funny photo of me!!!!

HAHA love you people!!! Have a nice day and do continue to read my blog alright?! 


  1. may i knw whr is the exact location for this fusion ktv @ bugis u went? how was the rate and sound system okay?

    Thanks~ J.

    1. It is located at the old This Fashion :) The rate on weekdays is good because it's like buy one hour free one hour, and they charge based on room's size and not number of pax .