Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eagle Coy POP Loh!!!!

On Sunday, I attended my Tekong Brother's POP at the Marina Floating Platform. I woke up like damn early in the morning to head down for their parade leh! Haha, and to be honest, I wasn't complaining at all because I am doing it for my bros!  

OMG and unexpectedly tons of others (And I meant youngsters) actually bothered waking up for the parade too. I guess they must be like girlfriends, boyfriends (?) or like brothers (be it true blood or you know).

Whatever it is, it is definitely a proud moment for us to witness. And needless to say for the few of us who head down together, we are watching our very own company's mate passing out after spending 4 months together! Obviously, I am down to witness my platoon mates, and of course my section mates' proud moment!

The starting of the parade! Their first march-in. I am just awed looking at them. 

Just look at the number of parents or friends present! And this is only one small small small portion!!!

In case you're wondering about the photos' quality, it is because I am clever enough to bring down my camera but dumb enough to left the memory card in the video camera that I used to film the SBA video -.-

Anyway, I really can feel the happiness of them passing out. I mean I went through the same shit as them, of course I will feel something, even if its tiny weeny bit of it!

Let all the photos flood in!

Amazingly, all the 25th councillors were there to! Be it to watch the parade or those who are in it! :)

Ken, Eng Kiat and I!

This is YiHan and we call him BFG (Big Friendly Giant) haha! He has the same birthday as me!!!!
He always joke around with me in bunk! So gonna miss all the fun moments we had! 

This is Ben Soh! He is always deem to be the latest one in our platoon! I'm very close to him too!
He is a major fan of Jessica of SNSD! Don't look like one right? :p

Rich young master, Yu Hern, Uncle Ken, Mr Nice SGT Daryl, Brother Keon and I!
It is amazing how NS brings people together & form the bond. Keon and I are from the same JC and we don't notice each other (ok actually I noticed him just that I find him very dao), but then he appears to be closest to me in the bunk other than Ben Soh and Ken! HAHA. True brothers :)

HAHA, Sergeant Zaidi came forward to me and ask me to take photo with him so he can appear on my blog. LOL! He so friendly but didn't get to interact much with him because he just got posted to Tekong!

John Sir and Sergeant Ben also! I saw them and said Hi and SGT Ben told sir to take photo with me and I can post on blog! Guess what sir said? He said " Ya post on blog already then see got girl or not." LOL!

I really wanna thanks all my sergeants and sir for everything in Tekong! John Sir came for not long and I bet I am the most troublesome cadet ever but he's so patient and everything. Other sergeants worst, tolerate me for 4 months liao HAHA! Thank you!!!

Later that night, I brought daddy to Saizeriya at Liang Court because he's the only one left who haven't tried dining there before! So why not? HAHA, good food for me also eh! 

Here are the tons of #foodporn that I've also post on InstaGram (follow me if you haven't: BenVoda)! 

We ordered lots of food that other tables keep looking at us because the whole table was so filled that there is hardly any space left! Tomorrow I am going there again with my bunk mates because we've been talking about going there for a very long time!

And because it's so freaking cheap, all the more we should go! All the food you see above (exclude my dad's main dish), costs only $58 with two set meals (free flow drinks and salad)!!! MAD CHEAP!!!

Looking forward to our future endeavors! These 4 months spent together with my bunk mates are really mad awesome. They will forever be my brothers in this life time! Will never forget all that we've been through!

Thanks for everything! BMTC Eagle Company, 02/12! 

What's new? Ending the post with a random camwhore shot! Cool right the effect?! HAHA!

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