Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Maturity Of Thoughts

Hello everyone of you here reading this tiny humble blog of mine!

I know that I've not been updating this space with any interesting posts since who knows how long. 
Today I just want to blog, like how anyone who started blogging would. Just like how it used to be.

(But with my camwhore pictures lol)

As most of you would know, I am dead busy with army and I am not blaming. In fact, I do enjoy serving the army although I do rant at times to my friends or family. It has definitely taken a toll on me, I mean, just look at those heavy eye bags that I am carrying around nowadays! If eye bag is definition of good looking, I'll be so happy now haha!

I used to keep saying that army is a waste of time and that it doesn't serve any purpose. Well, it can be rather true to certain extent but if you were to go through it, you'll understand that it is like a transition state where boys really turn into men. In terms of mentally or physically. 

Personally, I really think that growing up mentally is very prominent. 

You all might give me this "What? Are you freaking serious?" kinda look, but it's really true. 

Most, if not all, of my friends would've realised that my blogging and social media activities have been cutting down a lot since April. A lot of people has been asking me why am I doing so? Or did anything happen? Maybe something DID happen, which is that I've sort out my thoughts and grown up trying to be matured. 

In fact, I don't find myself trying, it just comes naturally. Initially it might be hard but you'll get used to it. 

Not that I find social media to be rubbish or anything of those sort, if not I wouldn't be blogging here now. It's more of the thought that we all have to be realistic. Let's face it, unless we are freaking good like XiaXue, there is no way that we can ever make a living out of blogging. True enough, I receive sponsors for gadgets, clothes and even accessories BUT, youngsters of my age deprive happiness from all these because we are still young and we are easily satisfied with all these due to being financially unstable.

Now split your brain into 2 and just think about it. Isn't it quite true? It is due to the fact that we are not as financially stable, we tend to think that sponsors are actually in forms of gifts to us. No doubt, we all have the feeling of success, afterall not everyone can get sponsors through blogging, especially youngsters like us who are amateurs in blogshpere. 

Naturally, if your blog can actually "help" you obtain all the sponsors, who will not be attracted?
I've been there and done that. The sense of achievements can make you fly to the sky~
Just from blogging, I got 3 sponsored phones, BEATS headphone, cameras and many more. 

But as time goes by and when I enlisted into army, the flow of thoughts changed within me. I've realised that we all have to be more realistic and, given the fact that social media platform has brought about many unpleasant events in my life, there is actually nothing much to hold on to. 

Although I must admit that I've met several friends who I feel I can rely on, but there are also handful which are not so. Other than that, I did made quite a bad reputation, to the stage where people called me "social media whore" or "social climbing whore". I don't want to elaborate about it but it's definitely not a very good experience. 

However, I must also thanks my blog and other media platforms for giving me what I have today. 
Even my partner, we met through Twitter and for that I am grateful for it. 

Army made me realised all these. We all can still smile even though things are hard. We all can still smile even though we don't have everything in the world. Blogging has now become a past time and hobby for me. Just like how everything seems to be back then when I blogged all gibberish stuffs. 

It shouldn't be a burden to us, always troubling what to blog about, or drop in readerships. 
Like I said, we are no XiaXue, all the more we shouldn't spend too much time on it. 
Yes, you can be happy through all forms of achievements in blogging, but can that pull you through life? 

Ultimately, we need cash and money to survive. Money is not everything but without it, we have nothing. 

Blogging has indeed opened up my world and exposed me to different things. It's really an experience and I can be proud to say that I used to be active in the blogsphere when I look back in future. It's shown me different people, different events and brought me through different emotions. 

Currently, I just want to lead a simple life with my partner and family, and concentrate on finishing serving NS and get out into the society to work. 
I will too, still update this blog but don't expect too much from it because this will indeed be like a lifestyle blog already :)

Lastly, I really want to thanks every single on who has been reading my blog and been showing support towards me, especially so during the Singapore Blog Awards 2012. 
The curtains are not drawing, the show is not ending, it is just a new beginning and a new phase for BenVoda.

Love you people!

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  1. *Like!*

    take it all as an experience. you may find that maybe you blogged about gibberish back then, but I believe that you can learn something from it no matter where you are. blogging, army, and your working life in the future...

    there is a strange misconception in the local blogosphere that bloggers have to act or function in a certain way (its a formula that works for some, but is not the only way) and I am glad that you have come to this realization as well.

    looking forward to more from you :)