Saturday, July 7, 2012

Simple Steps To Save Gaia!

Hello there everyone!

By now you all should know that has made it to the top 10 finalists for the Y-Bloggist category for this year's Omy Singapore Blog Awards 2012 right?! I would like to take this chance to thanks every single one of you who have been putting in effort to vote for me consistently everyday!

Because for more than half of the time, I wasn't leading at all and I didn't pin any hopes in being so. But towards the end I was one of the top 3 leading in votes! So thanks a lot guys!

Today, this post is going to present to you people one project that was required of the top 10 finalists to complete in order for the judges to asses, and finally announcing who will emerge as the champion of the Y-Bloggist category!

Here is my video which I've shot, using the Panasonic HC-V500 video camera which shoots in FULL HD, which was loaned to us by Panasonic themselves. Do enjoy the video and leave a comment on it if you would like to, before I move on to explaining what is the concept behind my whole clip.

The theme that we are required to follow is "Eco". Enjoy the 2 minutes clip :)

I believe many of you have heard before the word "Eco"  and in fact, recently MediaCorp is also trying to promote and encourage us to do our part and Save Gaia! If you don't get it, watch the video below and you'll understand which advertisement I am referring to! It is so catchy and cute with all the small kids singing "Save My World~" HAHA!

This goes to show how much importance is being placed on saving Gaia. As such, I actually linked Eco to Saving our Environment because after all, Eco actually means the surrounding, the atmosphere, as well as the environment which all of us living beings are caged in.

So, the main focus of my whole video is actually to point out the simple steps, yet always deem as insignificant to us, that each of us can carry out such that we can contribute to making the place we live in a much better one. It is not only for us, but for everyone around us, our friends, our loved ones, and for every being breathing in oxygen.

To summarise my video there are actually 4 main points which I am pointing out:


The list can go on and on but I chose to focus on these 4 because they are activities involved in our daily lives!

Although Earth consists mostly of water, we must not neglect the fact that there might be a possibility in which it might run out of supply. As such there is definitely a need for us to conserve this resource. We can just simply do so by not allowing a tap to run as it leads to wastage of water. Use the resources wisely.

When we drive our vehicles on the road we are actually emitting carbon monoxide into the surrounding air through the exhaust pipe, which is hazardous to all living beings. This in turn contributes to air pollution. We can minimise it to the lowest level by choosing alternatives such as taking public transportation, which will greatly reduce the number of vehicles travelling on road thus reducing air pollution level.

Never knew that eating too much meat is going against being eco-friendly? Yes, over-consumption of meat actually can lead to what we know as organic pollution. When demand for meat rises, more of such animals are being reared in order to meet the demand. As such, deforestation takes place, which will lead to multiple other pollution such as air and water. Most importantly, livestock production actually increases the rate of global warming by hundreds of folds.

Lastly, we always hear this, especially from our parents "Do not waste electricity"! Electricity is also very precious. We do not want to have any wastage of it. Therefore, we can all do our part by switching off the main switch off any electrical appliances, should there be no usage of it. By doing so, we can actually save up lots of electricity for future uses. Likewise for all resources, use them wisely.

The last part of the video shows a heart shape formed by both hands and in it is a flower. This actually means that everything starts from within us and together with both our hands, we each can make a difference.
We all can do our part. Right this moment. Right now.

Hope you all like the way I convey the message through my message! May luck be with me and the rest of the contestants as we are in this award together :) Most important thing is that we all have fun!

Good luck!

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