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7Adam With DealPrimo

Last Sunday I was proud to be invited to be one of the official blogger for a company, DealPrimo, which sells deals online (which I will talk about later on)! Our first gathering was held at a restaurant known as 7Adam.

Food is not all about good taste or aroma, the surrounding and the atmosphere brings out all the mood to the diners. Personally I love 7Adam because of the structure of the building which was welcoming me upon walking to the main entrance. It is those old British Colonial buildings, which brings out the elegance of the place. What's more? Surrounding the building is full of greens!

With just the outer appearance, I am already looking forward to stepping inside to dine. Of course, DealPrimo is really good at picking location for a first gathering with all the bloggers!

Upon walking into 7Adam, it is more than just a restaurant. It is a location where local artists can flaunt their pieces and they are up for sales. Food with art pieces to admire, it's a perfect setting for a nice meal with your loved ones. I am sure that all art lovers who knows how to appreciate art pieces can spend whole day there.

As I was saying, the interior of a restaurant brings up the mood and expressions of it's diners. So I was pretty amazed that even the interior design of 7Adam is so magnificent. Because it seems very modern with all the furniture, yet it also preserves the art within it. With simple design and colors, such as black and white, 7Adam totally brought us into the atmosphere of art and comfort. Not too over yet more than enough to blow us away.

The reception area at the first floor when we first enter 7Adam

As we climb up to the second floor where the dining areas are, art pieces, one after another were displayed

Another highlight of 7Adam which I personally like is that, although given the limited space of the whole building itself, 7Adam totally made full use in utilising and playing around with concepts. 7Adam actually allows you to have 3 choices of where to dine at.

If you are having dinner, I think that the indoor setting will be a great choice with the elegant and classy arrangements of the tables with black, grey and white as it's main choices of colors being used. 

Want to chill after a meal? There is also a bar counter being located right inside the building as well! 
It's just so relaxing and I am sure that a chit chat session with your friends here would be nice

Having afternoon tea with your friends or family? The outdoor dining area will be good, especially families with kids! Surrounded by the greens, nothing is more relaxing than this.

Shortly after a while we are going to be served our meal, kindly sponsored by 7Adam themselves to us DealPrimo's bloggers! Of course, it is actually a deal which you all can buy on DealPrimo itself, which I will touch on later!

Meticulous table arrangements to prepare us for our meal

Here I shall start introducing the food that will be available to you!

For the set meal that will be selling on DealPrimo, we will firstly be served an appetiser known as Amuse Bouche. It is actually a dish made of oysters. It is crispy on the outside, yet when you plunge your first bite against it, the oyster still retains it's softness and freshness! It's definitely a good start off for a set meal!

The granish and effort placed for presentation is great
because food is also about first impression

Next, the soup of the day is being served. It is actually boiled with top graded mushrooms, together with truffles. Normally people will feel that too much of truffles will actually cause one to be sick of the dish very fast. But I find that the chef at 7Adam did not overdo on the part of using too much truffles, and we can still taste the mushroom being used.

I would say that the soup is really good and it's worth a try, definitely! Except maybe I find the portion to be slightly small as I want to have more of it!

Right up next, we are diving in to more appetisers to warm up our appetite! For the meal which you purchase, you can choose between House Cured Salmon or Foie Gras!

We all know salmon, especially Japanese's version of Sashimi! To be honest, I don't really like sashimi, in fact I don't even eat it at all! But well, being invited to an event I've to try so I can do an honest review. I've to say, although the salmon is totally raw, it does not taste very fishy. Instead, it taste slightly sweet, and with the dressing along with it, everything blends together nicely and complements one another.

This is Foie Gras! Your eyes are not playing tricks on you, it is FOIE GRAS! Many actually know that this is a relatively expensive dish if you were to have it in a French restaurant. What else? You might not even get a big serving of it! But I was damn surprised and shocked that the serving at 7Adam is real big, compared to others, and its very fatty (that's the whole point of eating Foie Gras)!

The chef made it in such a way that the outer is slightly crunchy in texture and very soft inside! The berry dressing with it with totally bring orgasm to your mouth as your tongue plays around with the food!

Moving on, we have 2 choices of pasta to choose from before moving on the main dish and main highlights of the course meal! We can either choose Unagi Pasta or Beef Pasta

Unagi Pasta

The Unagi was quite well prepared given the fact that it tasted very soft and not too overcooked!
Of course, pasta is the main highlight of a pasta dish right? The pasta was very nice in terms of the flavour it gives you when we eat it and the crunchiness of it just makes you want to eat more!

The sauce that was being used to cook the pasta actually makes you crave for more.
Don't worry, this pasta dish is not too wet or dry for consumer's taste. It's just right!

Beef Pasta with Baked Bacon Strips!

Being a bacon lover, I totally look forward to putting this into my mouth! 

For this dish, it is slightly dry compared to the previous pasta dish. Which I find it a pity because the texture wasn't as great. Also, the beef and wasn't cooked in a way that it actually brings out distinctly between the beef and the bacon strips. Some of the bloggers doesn't even realised they were already consuming the beef.

As a teenager/adult, I would go for the Unagi Pasta, but this Beef Pasta will be a hot favorite among children.

Moving on the the main highlights of the meal, we get to choose 1 our of 3 choices of main course, mainly Red Drum Papilotte or Angus Tenderloin or Kurobuta Pork Belly!

Red Drum Papilotte. The presentation was different because it was served in a paper bag!

The chef told us that it is wrapped in a paper bag because it is to allow the fish meat 
to be totally seasoned as the flavors seep into the meat itself.

Maybe it could be due to us dragging time taking photos when this dish was served, but I don't really fancy it because it is slightly too dry and the flavor of it wasn't well presented to my taste bud, at least for me. 

Angus Tenderloin

This will be my favorite dish out of the three main courses!
I guess the beef was cooked medium rare, but it tasted just so nice!!!! The meat wasn't that fatty and it's quite huge for a fine dining restaurant. Normally, tenderloins tend to be slightly too hard, making it difficult to chew. But for this, everyone got to agree that it is so chew-able without any effort!

The whole combination of the beef with the sauce just seems so right! Definitely strongly recommending this!!

Kurobuta Pork Belly (Chef's recommendation)

This dish was actually strongly recommended by the chef and the management personnel of the company. It is kind of a Chinese dish, infused with western method of cooking. I got to admit that this is a dish to drool for too as well. The skin, which is the fatty layer, actually melts, right at the moment when you place it into your mouth! And the way it was prepared just makes it taste original, yet it seems new to you!

I guess this will be a top favorite amongst the Chinese or the elderly! 

Just a random insert of what I wore for the event before moving on to the desserts! 
Totally love wearing denim designed tops. All time favorite!!!!

Lastly, desserts could never be missed out, especially in a set course meal!!!
Once again, we must make a choice of 1 out of 3 desserts and they are: Trio Of Tiramisu or Creme Brulee or Chocolate Fondant.

Chocolate Fondant

This is definitely not new to all dessert lovers, as hot lava cake is being served with vanilla ice cream!
All the bloggers went crazy over this and I am still craving for the lava cake till now!

The lava cake was hot enough when served but I guess it will be better if the chocolate filling inside is more fluid because when we cut open the lava cake, the chocolate filling doesn't really flow out like it should. 
But nonetheless  it taste great!!! 

Creme Brulee

Instead of 1, you get to have 2! This dessert was pretty well done because we all know how hard it is to make Brulee and if 7Adam is able to make it such that is tasted very soft and creamy, yet making you crave for more, it is an accomplished item indeed for the menu.  

Tiramisu in Margarita Glass 

This was actually an impromptu creation by the chef because the day before the event, where he decided to serve the tiramisu in a Margarita glass! We were served a serving of the biscuits each and were told to dip it right into the glass and eat it. 

The aroma of the coffee was nicely brought to our nose and the whole presentation of the tiramisu makes it amusing for consumers to consume and enjoy. 

My dining experience at 7Adam is really a blast in the sense that I actually get more than what I've expected!  The chef is so meticulous such that he went through all small details and ensure that they are nicely presented to us. I believe that they do carry the same attitude towards all their guests. 

As for the food, I would really grade it 9/10 because I might find the serving to be slightly smaller especially for guys though it is actually fine dining and because. But of course, the taste is just extraordinary and they actually served food like Foie Gras and not stingy in terms of quality. 

Overall, I would grade 8/10 for the restaurant! \
I love the atmosphere of the whole restaurant. I love the food as well.
But I do think that the waiters can actually be more meticulous because some of our glasses of water are already finished yet it takes around 2 dishes being cleared before the drinks are refilled. 

After all it is a fine dining location and everything is near to perfection already, 
we wouldn't want such small issue to ruin the image, right? 
Of course, these are just my personal opinions. 

You can head down and experience it yourself as well! Here are the information of 7Adam!

Address: 7 Adam Park, Singapore 289926
Tel: 6467 0777
Fax: 6466 3077
Open Daily from 11am to 11pm


Now I am here to introduce you about DealPrimo and the deal which you can purchase in order to enjoy the meal above for only $80 for a 5 course meal at such a restaurant with nice ambiance like 7Adam! The promotion period the the 6 course meal at 7Adam will be available for 2 weeks, starting from 1 Sep to 15 Sep 2012. Make it yours with DealPrimo, at an affordable price of ONLY SGD$80 instead of the usual price of SGD$127! 

DealPrimo is actually a Singapore-based online shopping site which provides with shoppers all exclusive deals and great bargains that you can ever ask for!

After interacting with the staffs during the event, I find them to be friendly and despite all the issues which I faced, they were patient enough to guide. Thus, I believe that quality service is guranteed from their side!

DealPrimo not only offer deals from dining, but also travel, education, beauty as well as shopping or leisure! That's a whole wide range of choices that is available to us. It's even better when all these could be yours in just a few clicks!

1) SELECT the deal which you are interested in and you can actually click on BUY NOW to view more information before purchasing!

2) ADD TO CART and click on CONTINUE SHOPPING for more purchases or CHECK OUT to get the deal to be yours! You can actually just purchase the deal anonymously or you can register yourself an account with them, it's FREE!

3) Upon successful transaction, a confirmation email will be sent to you and the printed invoice of each order serves as your VALID PRIMO VOUCHER!

It's that easy so get started today!!! You can actually get in touch with DealPrimo in various ways:

Official Website:
Twitter: @dealprimo

Start Shopping Right Now With DealPrimo!!!!

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