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*Initially this should be a scheduled post on a future date, but there are some unforeseen circumstances so...*

In life, there are just so many things that are unpredictable. 

We don't know when will our death fall upon us.
We don't know what will happen tomorrow, or in fact the very next seconds.
Of course, we won't ever know how our love stories will be like too....

Like I've mentioned before that LOVE is seriously a very wide topic to talk about.
There are no boundaries or restrictions to what will happen. It's like a puzzle never to be solved. 
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The very start of a love story itself is very amazing. Have you ever question yourself all these:

Why do two people get attracted to one another?
What's this feeling that we get whenever a couple is together?
How does one simply just become worry-free all of sudden upon seeing the partner?
Where does love comes from?

No one can give a definite answer. 

In fact there is no right or wrong answer because it ultimately depends on each individual. 
I always tell other "If you can explain love, it is not love

We are talking about the unpredictable in a relationship today. 

At times, we might not even have a clue why did we end up with someone that we might not even take notice at all in the first place. I am sure many of us will have this experience before. Even myself feel to be so. Because I got to admit that my partner is someone whom is the least expected one whom I thought I will be with, vice-versa.

However I just got to say that it is just that attraction between the hearts of two that gets people together. 
When the attraction works its magic, you just do things naturally, because your heart tells you so, 
Believe it or not, we are more truthful when we follow our heart.
The naked eye lies, but not the heart. 

So when your heart tells you about certain attraction you have for someone, try to follow it. 
I've mentioned before, many times we use our naked eyes to judge who we love or who we want to be with.
But that's just purely admiration. Love has no boundaries, remember that. There is no law too in love.

For me, when I had the relationship, I got to admit that the period was a phase which I totally won't forget till today. Simple for the reason that I have NEVER imagined that I will put in so much effort. Never in anything.

The tolerance I got no matter how hard things were. The patience I had despite the coldness. 
Everyone by my side was taken aback at how much I were willing to put in just for the relationship to start.

Afterall nobody said that things will be easy. Nothing in this world is easy to get to hand.
Why some things seem easier to get hold of is because of the experience we had. We all learn. 
Just like how easy a toddler is able to grab the toys they love compared to infants. 
Through experience, we learn and grow. 

No matter how tough things were back then, I didn't give up and in fact I enjoyed doing it to be honest. 
Everything just seems so enjoyable in whatever I do, so worth the time and effort.
I didn't care a hoot if the other party even see it as anything but upon completion of each item I wanted to deliver, brings a smile to me. Of course, if your partner likes it too, it's a great bonus for you.

What I am trying to convey here is. Just at the wooing stage, things are already unpredictable. 
It is to the extent that even you yourself can't explained what's going on. 

That's LOVE. Unexplainable. Satisfaction. Enjoyment. 


Then we all move on to the next phase of a love story which is the sweetest part.
Both of you finally got together after all the wooing and what's not in a dating phase. 

This part is the sweetest because it is the phase when both hearts really click together as one. 
From two people who were distant previously, to now being very close to one another. 

I remember when I first got into this phase of my love story, things weren't as all sweet and pink for me yet. 
Can you imagine two person who are actually couple yet they don't behave like one? Haha.
That's how mine goes like. 

Needless to say, it was unbearable because there is so much things you wanna say to your partner yet there is this invisible wall in between the both of us that makes you keep your mouth shut naturally. 

But remember? True love never goes away like this. 
What I did? I just kept trying lots of means and ways. 

Is this unpredictable? Totally! I seriously thought the fairytale story would start and was anticipating it.
Who would have expected that things turned out to be still bitter? 

All I can tell you all is, if your heart really tells you that the person is true love, you feel the connection, you feel the telepathy etc (all which only the individual could explain), DON'T GIVE UP EASILY.
Because I can assure you that the sweetness, the fruits of your labour that you harvest will be much more sweeter! 

Indeed, things took such a big turn that I was more than happy! The feeling of happiness is just so different!
I've talked about it with my partner before about this like how I was being treated coldly initially etc.
And we came to the conclusion that:
"Things that started off sweet may not be as valuable as one that started off rocky"

It is really only when you had a very tough time at the start, then will you cherish the results you get. 
It is just like rich kids compared to those who are not so well off.

Those who are born with a silver spoon in the mouth may be used to life of luxuries etc. and when they are told to create their own results, they may not be able to do so because everything was taken for granted right from the start of their life. 

However, if we give the same success to those who come from a not so well off family, they would really cherish every single thing and the satisfaction that they experienced is MUCH greater.

Why is this so? Has it got to do with satisfaction differences? NO.

It is the things we go through. The things we experience. 
What we experiences shapes us to be who we are. And what we are, shapes our attitude. 

Take effort to ponder over the above sentence. Really sit down and think about it. 

The days I experienced after such tough times I had wooing, is just so magical. 
The achievement (don't even know if it should be called as so), is greater than anything I've felt. 

Treasure the moments together. Live it as though you are still in the dating phase. That's sweetness.

I won't continue on what's going to happen because no one knows what will happen in the future.
All that we can do is to enjoy all the moment that we shared. Because it is only that one moment in time.
We only live once. We can love many times, but there is only that special one that makes it all worth while.

Don't doubt what your heart tells you. DO what you think is right (provided its ethical), follow it and you may just find your happiness. I bet none of us want to miss out any moment in life which we could look back in future and say that its all worthwhile. love is still for that only special one. 
And I have no regrets. 

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