Saturday, September 29, 2012

To Fill Up The Blanks...

Just like the title mentions, I am just trying to fill up the blanks of this blog of mine. Been quite some time since I blog anything productive...but seriously where got time to do so with all the workload I am having currently.

Let's put it this way, I am starting to be serious with my life (?). The play time and fun are kinda over, it has reach the point where I feel I need to so some changes to my lifestyle. No longer want to be stuck in those childish lifestyle I once had. Blogging will still be done for sure, but definitely not priority now.

To update you guys with my life since I am wayyy dead on Twitter and Facebook.
1) I am going to take back music and major in it
2) Yes, I am NOT going to University because I have one contract waiting for me to sign after army
3) Trying to keep a healthy lifestyle by exercising through ways and means

Basically that's about it. Below are some photos I've taken at Shokudo at Cine, with the nice natural lighting!

 This was how my iPhone looks like back then! Makes me happy because it looks like candy LOL

 Green tea matcha! Definitely a must try, it is actually slightly 
sweeter compared to those authentic ones.

 This is my best friend, Han Soon!!!! He has been friends with me for like 16 years!!! That's how long our friendship is!

When we all grow up, we realise it's not how many friends we have that matter but how many true friends we have at the end of the day that is more important.

I am very grateful for everyone who has stood by me all these while, be it if you are still here with me in my life or you're a matter of the past. Each ad single one of you matters a lot, but ultimately those who are standing by me now (especially my 2 primary school buddies: Han Soon and Jia Hui), thank you very much!

Anyway, I am currently trying to experiment with taking nicer pictures with my camera, be it food or scenery or people. After which, I will try to come up with better blog posts with those photos. Thanks people for still reading this dead space!

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  1. amagawd u asshole y u put a unglam photos of me. biatches lol