Sunday, October 21, 2012

High Tea With Mummy!

Finally I managed to figure out how to get my photo size back to those huge ass ones since blogger changed their settings. Photos taken in landscape are not that bad despite using iPhone to shoot them however those portrait ones are slightly more blur. Guess I have to use my G12 more often from now on! Been neglecting them too much.

Anyway, despite my busy work I did actually manage to get some time out to relax myself and to accompany some of the closest people in my life. 2 weeks back it was my mother's birthday and I took half day leave, on the day after my duty (which was my mum's birthday the next day), so I can have some quality time with her alone.

Since it has been long since the both of us went for high tea, we decided to settle for the session at Goodwood Park Hotel! The high tea session there is real famous and gosh did I not regret going there!

Just look at those muffins that I had to start off the high tea tai-tai lifestyle with my mummy!

Both mummy and I spent like $105+ there for just the two of us. So its around $50+ for one pax. We went ahead for the English style, which comprises of all cakes and pastries. GoodWood Park Hotel also serves local delicacies high tea session. But I want a more relax environment so we chose the English style one :)

The high tea session comes with 2 cups of beverages and its in buffet style, so you can actually eat for all you want! It's definitely worth the price and I really like the atmosphere, being very very relaxing although it's like an open concept where hotel guests can just walk pass you and take a peek at what you are nomming away haha.

They don't only look nice, but there are just too seductive for your taste buds!

Just a very blur shot of me camwhoring at him :p Been so long since I post photos of myself! 

Pastries, pastries and more pastries!!! I have no idea why but for a guy, its kinda weird why I have such affections for those pastries, scorns and cakes. But nobody states that guys can't have such taste buds right? Afterall they are all great food to nom on, so just enjoy them :)

Anyway, if you guys really love high tea session, you all should really give a shot at GoodWood Park Hotel! Next time I shall give their local high tea session a try too, for sure.

Happy Birthday To My Mummy!
I love her so much and I do hope that in the near future, 
I am able to provide for her and repay her for everything that she's done for me in this lifetime!
Love you forever

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