Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just A Simple Lifestyle

Hello everyone!
I am finally posting once again, and as you can see from the picture above,
this post was supposed to be blogged 2 weeks ago! Photos had already been edited!

Audit in my camp is finally over! Finally can heave a sigh of relief!
You cannot imagine how happy my buddy and I were.
The both of us were slogging our guts out day and night just for this audit eh!

Well people do always say: Hard work will pay off (though I don't think is all the time)


Alright, work aside!!!!
So, during one of my duty in camp (omg sounds like wofk again),
 I actually went to search for available cafes within Singapore.
 At times, I don't really like squeezing with the crowd in town etc.
What I really do need is just to sit down in a cafe/coffee house,
chat with my friends, or even read a book.

Just as simple as this can make me very happy.
Of course, if the cafe has very nice atmosphere,
 or even better, vintage feel and touch to it,
I will definitely get my feet swept away!

Coincidentally, just on this particular Saturday, 
Rino, Starrie, Carol and I decided to meet up for meal and chillax session.
Fortunately (I secretly wished it did), it started pouring outside.
Indeed not very good timing for someone who is going to head out soon.

We met up at Liang Court for our Bruncher (lunch + dinner HAHA)
and the girls suddenly had the feel, actually me too, to have some desserts! 

I decided to bring them to this magnificent place, with great atmosphere and setting.

The place was very relaxing, especially in such wet weathers, it definitely adds more feel dining in. 
I've been trying to locate this cafe for quite some time (since I don't drive)
So on that day when Rino and I took a bus to Liang Court,
I managed to spot this cafe by the roadside!
I was damn happy and hyped over it.

Yups, we went to Five & Dime for our dessert, tea and chillax session.
People of my age (19 years) are always clubbing here and there on weekends.
To me, maybe I am just not used to that kind of lifestyle, though I do club.

I really do prefer just sitting down and have some hot tea and cakes to let time pass. 
I'm so immerse in this kind of lifestyle that I do have a dream to own one in future.

Look at the presentation of their menu!
It's like paper clipped onto wooden clipboards, old school max! 

We were too full to try out anything on that day, so we ordered some cakes and hot tea :)

This is my order, but I forgotten what is the name HAHA.
The ice cream is actually Honey Flakes! It compliments the cake so well!

This should be the almond crumble cake, which goes so well with vanilla ice cream!
I must admit their pastries are very nicely done and seductive to the taste bud.
Not forgetting, you must have a pot of hot tea to go along with

LOL, Carol's bling bling watch :p 

Just like Rino, I love to add brown sugar to my beverages
They are not as sweet compared to white sugar, so they're kinda healthier
(Anyway, I really LOVE sugar cubes haha)

Group photo of the four of us!
Sometimes, simplicity is all we need.
Nothing else. 

Do head down there with your families or friends!
I've been there 2 more times since this last session.
Definitely one of my top choices to chill at during rainy seasons:)

Five & Dime
297 River Valley Road S238338
Tel: (65) 9236 5002

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