Saturday, November 3, 2012

Short Trips To JB

What's more awesome than heading to JB? At times, what I really need is just a small break, a small getaway from this busy town. The busy lifestyle. The fast pace of everything. Seriously, I used to go to JB every Saturday before I enlisted into the army. Because not only it is very near and convenient to travel to and fro, the stuffs there are relatively cheaper as well! 

So 2 weeks back, my parents, Rino and I went to JB for a shortgetaway!
Actually, the week before on a Saturday, Rino together with my family and I went to JB around 8+  in the evening, and we drove in for some massage and then loklok and lots of food! The following week,we decided to go on a Sunday (right after my duty on Sat) in the afternoon by bus :) 

We took the bus trip to the checkpoint and check it out! The bus tickets are only at $2.40 each! And you get to travel in air conditioned bus with comfortable seats. Don't even need to worry being exposed to the hot sun or the heavy rain. I also love how vintage and old school the tickets are!

That's Rino and I on the bus :)

When we reached JB, which took us only like an hour for the whole trip there, we quickly try to find some food to nomnom on! Initially, we were going to settle for a meal at a cafe but then we realise there is this coffee shop at the opposite road.

The coffee shop is very old, like those in the olden days, which are very hard to find in Singapore itself. So we decided to have our lunch there. Not only are the food cheap, they are freaking yummy too! 

This is the Laksa I had there! SO big bowl for less than S$1.50!!! Can you believer it?! 

After some hardcore shopping around the supermarket area (photos later part of blog post), we decided to go back to this cafe, somewhat like Old Town Coffee House, to have a drink and some small bites before our massage session.

My yummy cheese and ham sandwhich!!!

Don't you just love all these old school's utensils and food? Totally loving vintage and old school.

My lovely parents who were with us on this trip!

Just look at the amount of stuffs we bought there! 
And that's not all because this shot was taken halfway through our whole shopping!
Happy Rino posing with my Frosties HAHA! 

Now look at the stuffs piling up to the brim of the trolley!!! HEEHEE. Shiok max!

The stuffs there are not dirt cheap, but they are definitely cheaper than those in Singapore. So why not make use of the chance and try to stock up on some necessities or even groceries while we have the chance?!
Like one packet of Maggie noodles in Singapore costs cheapest at S$2, but buying from there, one packet only costs around S$1.40 eh!!! CHEAP!!!! #AUNTIEBEN

Rino and I sipping our Yakult which costs only like S$2, when Singapore sells it for like $4+?! 

I totally love trips to JB! The massage was relaxing as well (too bad cannot snap photos!). 
Pure relaxing moments! And definitely beats walking around Singapore and end up spending at least $15 on some random stuffs or even a meal.

I rather go to Malaysia and spend like the same amount, being much more worthwhile, and you get more returns! In fact, I am planning to go there more with my friends soon! But then my camp is currently too busy for me to go overseas.. Gotta see how is it then! 

Whatever it is, if you are reading this, thanks for still reading my blog!
I thank you all for still giving me attention, but I am spending more time with my loved ones recently.

Till the next post lovelies! 

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