Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lovelies. Japanese Cuisine. MU Parlour.

I seriously have much trouble thinking of the title for each blogposts -.-
Such a hassle and it's just so hard! Bleh!!!


A day out with your lovelies can never go wrong.
As time passes, I think I've kind of settled down one way or another.
In the sense of how I am spending my time, and what I aim to do. 

Everything seems so different. Yet it's definitely for the better :)

It has been a very long time since I last had some proper Japanese cuisine!
So that day I went to settle my craving at CENTRAL! (OMG, I forgotten the restaurant's name -.-)
I think they serve relatively yummy Japanese food, and it was my mum who introduced me to it!

Talking about Japan, I really miss that place!!!!!
I wanna go back there again once more PLEASE!!!
Let me find some money on the floor or let me win a trip there eh :p

So here are what we ordered (I secretly think all these photos are so professionally taken HAHA):

I actually love this shot the most! It looks so cosy to me somehow.

My Japanese Cold Noodle Set with a Chicken Bento :)

Right after that, Rino and I decided to head to a cafe.
You all should know by now, I am a true sucker for cafes.
This cafe is situated at first floor of Liang Court, and I've been wanting to come here.

But all I got to say about this cafe is: HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.
The stuffs looks yummy and do drinkable, but hell they are not -.-

Really pay for the ambience only.
At least I know I got one cafe struck out from my list haha!

That day, lovelies set a theme that we all should wear Floral! 
Coincidentally, I recently just bought this vintage floral top, $20 ONLY!

Rino's floral and my floral! Flower Power HAHA, sounds familiar eh? :p

Right after that, finally met up with our lovelies in town!!!! Starrie and Carol!

Love this shot taken on the train! We all were like typical tourists, taking and snapping tons of photos.
The only difference is that, we ARE from Singapore, I bet people are thinking that we all are ahsiao lo!

Headed to another Cafe right in Holland Village, MU Parlour
I've actually heard quite a lot of reviews on it, and it seems not bad. Not forgetting the whole Victoria era atmosphere.

The 3 desserts which we ordered! 
If I didn't remember wrongly, they are, Peach Cheesecake, Carrot Cake and some Lemon *insert some cheem word*

I am totally in love with their carrot cake! Starrie actually thinks so too!
It's so freaking yummy!!! Gosh. The whole environment makes it feel very chilling, definitely a good place.

All of us took some polaroids with one another too.
HAHA, always love spending time with all these lovely people,
Who are genuine, tolerating and they are down to Earth too.

They didn't start off as my friends, I knew them through Rino.
Sometimes, you just have to believe what life has in store for you.
When the old ones leave, new one comes, and they might be better.

Don't misunderstand, not that the old ones are bad. They all made great impact in my life.
Just have to put it this way: We were all not fated to be or back then we were just too childish.
Time flies...and we are all moving forward.

Love you all!
Share with us how are you all gonna spend your Christmas this year?

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